Friday, 6 November 2009

Benefit's Justine Case

As a fan of anything miniature, this dinky sized collection of some of Benefit's most popular products was just calling out to me!

Perfect for throwing in your bag to use for refreshing your makeup throughout the day, the kit contains 'california kissin,' a lipgloss to make your teeth look whiter, 'eyecon' to cover dark circles, 'benetint' for flushed lips and cheeks and 'some kinda gorgeous' to perfect your complexion.

Not only is the handy for when you don't want to be lugging around a packed makeup bag (we're all guilty of it!), these little kits are also great for testing how you get on with the products before committing to buying the full size. Perfect for a stocking filler!

Any other Benefit mini kits worth looking at?


  1. I have the realness of concealness some but i really didn't like it
    the concealer was too dark
    the lemon aid isn't creamy at all
    the eye cream thing doesn't do anything
    the lip primer isn't very nice
    High Beam was the only positive thing in there!

  2. Cute little set, but not sure I'll by that one. A great way of trying products before splashing out on full sized though.
    Emma :)

  3. ive been wanting to try this! could you review the eyecon when you get round to it!- ive always been abit sceptial about it! x

  4. I pruchased the Valley of Stars mini kit and it really wasnt that great... you go through the little viles of things in like 5-10 uses!!! Maybe im just heavy handed...

  5. Ooh cute..I use benefits high beam which is great and then my sister got No7 one that is EXACTLY the same for half the money and double the size!.love ur lashes in the other post!
    Please check out my new post on ways to wear knee high boots..xx

  6. nice!!

    i love reading your blog..and you inspired me to make a blog of my own, would love it if you followed me and helped raise some followers!

    luv ya xxx

  7. Very handy!!
    I also tug around a BIG make-up bag with me everyday, this thing could take 10 pounds off the totalweight of your handbag, lol!

  8. I love this little box, just got my second one about 2 weeks ago. My favourite goodie is Benetint, i just love it. And the powder is also excellent. The packaging is so cute... good for your purse and short trips, but i carry my make up bag anyways...

  9. I have this palette, and i adore it pretty much.
    You should also check out Powderazzi that includes Hoola bronzer & Dallas bronzer & Coralista blush. Gorgeus colors! I love it :)


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