10 November 2009

Cloud Nine Hair Irons

I was delighted to receive a pair of Cloud Nine hair irons, the latest brand to hit the hair scene. My current pair were looking worse for wear, I have owned them for 6 years after all. I still remember when I purchased them all those years ago during a school lunch break from what was then a new online store called ASOS. However, I didn't realise just how shockingly bad my old pair were until I tried these out!

The concept behind Cloud Nine is less heat, more style. Designed to give the flexibility to create a range of styles at lower temperatures, the irons have a temperature control panel ranging from 100'C-200'C, giving you the option of changing the temperature depending on the style you want to create in combination with your own hair type.

The irons are beautifully presented in sleek and sophisticated black packaging with flashes of turquoise, a perfect design for a luxury brand...

Along with the irons comes a little guide book, advising on the best temperature to use on your hair and instructions on how to create a variety of styles, from poker straight to voluminous loose curls. As the guide stated it can take a maximum of 20 seconds to heat to the desired temperature, I was surprised and impressed to find my recommended temperature was reached in around 5 seconds. This kind of speed means styling your hair will never be a long chore and won't take up much of your time.

These light weight irons glided through my hair effortlessly, leaving my hair perfectly styled with just one stroke, meaning I completed my whole head in a matter of minutes. My hair was left sleek with a glossy sheen, perhaps due to the mysterious ingredient that has been incorporated into the irons that supposedly gives hair added shine and sparkle each time you use them.

With additional features such as a swivel cord, heat guard, hibernation mode and a dual adaptor, these irons really do seem to be perfect in every way!

These Cloud Nine irons are priced at £129.99 and are available here


  1. I have tried these out as well and like them too, not as good as my trusty GHDs though.. but very nearly! xx

  2. love the idea of this straightener!
    would love to see some pictures of your hair styled with it :)

  3. It look gorgeous, very chique :) I've only got a mini straightener but that's because I have a short hair-cut and curls look the best on me, haha!

  4. Ohh I really want some! The packaging is so sleek and sophisticated. Great review.


  5. These look great. I love that they come with the protector/heat guard. Do they rival ghd? x

  6. Don't think they are going to be as popular as ghds - nothing to do with the performance, just that they will struggle trying to convert people

  7. This is a great review, I bought a pair of cloud nine straighteners a few months ago and I love them! I agree that some people might not want to make the switch over from ghds, but if they want a new pair they should definitely consider cloud 9s. It's almost worth it for the beautiful box that they come in!


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