26 June 2009

Happy Anniversary!

On Monday it was my boyfriend and I's 2 year anniversary, this post is a bit delayed!

Here's Matt;

He's a smart little bean, he got a 1st in Social Psychology at Loughborough Uni and then went on to do a Masters in Occupational Psychology at Nottingham Uni. I'm very proud of him so I had to mention it!

I can't believe how the time has flown since we met each other, we've spent almost every day together since and it's hard to remember a time when we didn't know each other. He treats me like an absolute princess and from the moment we met we've been completely comfortable with each other, so much so that I wasn't mortified or even remotely embarrassed when I got a nosebleed in front of him when we'd barely known each other five minutes or the time I got over excited whilst I was talking to him and a piece of saliva flew from my mouth into his eye! (Nice!) I can tell him anything, know he'll always support me and he believes I can do anything.

Matt is a sweetie, he does cute little things like helping old people with their shopping when they need it, giving up his seat to others and he loves seeing old couples together because it is so adorable and he thinks of when we'll be a couple of OAPs! He is a perfect gentleman, a quality that sadly is rare to find these days.

He loves surprising me, whether with things like taking me to London to watch The Lion King (front row seats!) on our first year anniversary, whisking me away to a gorgeous hotel for Valentines where champagne and a rose petal strewn bed and bubble bath were waiting for me or little things like saying, "Why don't you have a look in the drawer," where I'll find a MAC lipstick I've been rambling on about forever.

He thinks I'm the most precious thing in the world and always tells me how all he wants to do is make me happy and look after me for the rest of my life. It's lovely to feel so secure and sure someone will never hurt you in a relationship. We love planning our future together and spend hours talking about what we're going do.

I have never met anybody I am so compatible with. We fit together perfectly and for this reason just never argue! A few things I love; how he tells me I'm beautiful when I've just woken up, he can cheer me up when I'm in a terrible mood, he's super patient when I'm having a tantrum because I can't find anything to wear and just being held in his arms and nestled against his neck makes me feel content. He really is everything I hoped one day I would find and I still can't believe I have found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

He's going to be an amazing daddy to our little one's in the future and I can't wait to be able to call him my hubby. He is the most lovely, gentle, kind and generous person I have ever met, and I feel so blessed to have him as my boyfriend. I love you Matty.

Here are a few pictures from our Anniversary weekend and some from the past couple of years...

On Saturday we went to a little tea shop called The Walk. It was a sweet little European style cafe selling gorgeous cakes, sandwiches and little lunches. I had an amazing cream tea and was delighted with the little teacup and pot I was presented with!

We went on the boating lake afterwards. I hadn't been on one of these since I was a little girl, stepping on and off the boat was a little scary! Here's Matt trying to manoeuvre the boat in the right direction.

I like his pouty lips!

Little cutie asleep on the sofa. Pringle on his face courtesy of his housemates.

On holiday in Cyprus last year

Happy and drunk on a night out
We love dancing together, we even have a routine that we've devised, it's very impressive! This is the end bit where he dips me down, it's a bit hazardous after a few drinks too many and we have ended up as a heap on the floor before.

In Paris, where we went for New Years Eve. It was so lovely and romantic, I definitely want to return there one day!

16 June 2009

Goodbye Loughborough Uni!

Well, my time at Loughborough Uni has come to an end. The three years have flown by and I can't believe it's over. It definitely hasn't sunk in yet, I think it only will when I'm stuck in a full time job that I no doubt will hate and dread each morning!

For any younger people reading this who are yet to choose their uni, I can't recommend Loughborough enough. It frequently stands in the top 10 uni's in the UK, with its highest ranking being number 7 in 2007. For my course, (Communication & Media Studies), it was ranked number 1 in the country, although I think that it has slipped to number 2 now! Most recently it was awarded as the Sunday Times University of the Year 2008-2009, and for the past 3 years it has won the Best Student Experience Award. So not only is academically excellent, it's an amazing place to experience uni life. *If there's anyone interested in the same course I did, entry requirements are 320 ucas points (ABB) with about 45 places available.

Oh and the male to female ration is something like 60:40, so perfect for you single girls out there looking for a fit, sporty lad (it's a uni very well known for its sporting achievements). I have to be honest, this was part of the attraction for me, I remember on open day, as my parents were driving in, the first thing I saw was a load of guys playing football. After an all girls school this was heaven, I was like a child in a candy shop!

I also have to mention the student union. It is incredible. There are 3 main rooms. Cognito's, where RnB, hip hop etc are played (complete with multi coloured lit up dance floor!), Room 1, which bears resemblance to a Ministry of Sound club, you know, complete with green lasers and things! It's the main room because there's a stage where various groups/bands perform throughout the year. An finally upstairs is Fusion, where they play more indie kinda stuff, although towards the end other night anything goes and it gets pretty random!
So, here are a few photo's of my time at Loughborough...

The trusted combo of wine and cherryade. Yes, I really did drink this. The cheap wine I bought was so foul I had to disguise it with something else. It actually tasted alright in the end!
Dressed as Playboy bunnies for Halloween. No, I don't see the connection either! (My friend isn't that short, she's kneeling, we're not sure why!)

In the first year when Pendulum played at the Union. One of the best nights of my life!

The blur of hair is me. This was when Pendulum were playing in the second year, as you can see it was completely rammed.

Cops n' Robbers theme for someone's birthday. This was the night I met my boyfriend, I must have lured him with my outfit, haha!

Pirate dress-up fun
Dancing like loons. Up in this part of the union at the end of the night they play a weird mix of songs; classics from Disney songs, the Baywatch theme song, and oldies from the 60s to the 90s, great fun to dance like an idiot to! The guy in the white shirt next to me is my boyfriend, also in his own little dancing world! The guy on the right isn't feeling it so much!


Pouting and posing in photo's was a standard part of a Loughborough night out, who knows why!

Getting a bit messy
Uni - probably the only place it's acceptable to wear a skimpy Victoria Secret's Santa costume out in public!

Out for a meal

Although there have been so many memorable parts of uni, the best part was meeting my favourite person in the world, Matt.