28 September 2009

New Glasses

At last I have new glasses! I haven't had a new pair since I was about 15 years old, that was a long, long time ago! My old ones were in terrible condition, I could barely see out of them because they had 7 years worth of grime and hairspray (beware of the hairspray if you wear glasses, it doesn't come off!) stuck to the lenses. Not only that, but every time I bent my head forwards, they fell off my face.

My fiance couldn't believe I hadn't had new ones for so long, so off we went to Specsavers where he treated me to 2 new pairs. I must say I thought £85 for a bit of plastic was extortionate, and these were Specsavers own brand glasses! Luckily they had a 2 for 1 offer on.

We went for the whole stereotypical secretary type look with the thick rimmed frames, I love them! Now I can venture outside wearing glasses, I never dared before because my old pair were all squashed and bent from sitting on them too many times!