23 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is my favourite time of year. Everything is so magical and I'm transported back to when I was a child and the excitement of Christmas Eve when myself and my 3 brothers were allowed to sleep in the same room and begged my parents to let us get up at the earliest time possible (I think 5am was the limit!) I remember how enthralling it was to walk bleary eyed into the lounge to see a glorious illuminated tree surrounded by a mountain of presents and then having a dig around to see which ones had our name on.

As soon as I arrived back at my parents home yesterday I felt so Christmassy and all my childhood memories came flooding back. Mum decorates the house so beautifully, it's so warm and welcoming and creates an enchanting atmosphere.
Here are the things which make my Christmas complete...
1) Listening to Boney M's Christmas songs, especially Little Drummer Boy
2) The smell of dates cooking as my mum makes brandy tart
3) Having a bowl of satsumas and Quality Street in the lounge
4) The smell of pine needles
5) Watching my favourite Christmas films; The Muppets Christmas Carol, Home Alone, Love Actually, Jingle All The Way, Santa Claus The Movie and Miracle on 34th Street
6) Playing Scrabble
7) Hearing the crackle of the fire
8) Being surrounded by family

I won't be updating my blog until the new year so I wish everybody a lovely Christmas and an amazing New Year!

10 December 2009

Lush Big Shampoo Review

I recently read a review about Lush's Big Shampoo and was intrigued. How could a shampoo be made of salt?! Would it really lather up? I’d heard it was good for giving volume to the hair so I made my way to Lush pronto. I’d planned on buying it straight off, but as it’s fairly pricey at £9.60 for 330g, I asked for a sample so I could check I liked it first. I was given a very generous portion in a little pot (and got to avoid the enormous queues) and hurried back home to try it.

Made of 50% salt, it also contains lemon and lime juice, a seaweed infusion and coconut oil to soften the hair. All these ingredients meant it smelled yummy! It felt odd scooping up a dollop of salt from a tub and massaging it into my hair, but it dissolved quickly and lathered up better than any other shampoo I've ever used. Only a small amount was needed so I can see the full sized tub lasting a long time.

I think this is amazing as a clarifying shampoo. I was beginning to find my hair felt weighed down and greasy shortly after washing so I was in need of a shampoo that got rid of all the gunky residue in my hair. This removed all traces of product build-up and left my hair squeaky clean after rinsing, something I've not experienced in a long time.

To really test this product out, I didn't apply any of my usual volumising products after washing and left my hair to dry naturally, usually a formula for incredibly flat, limp hair. However I was impressed to find my hair had body, thickness and shine. Everything I've ever wanted!

Lush's Big gives softness, shine and volume. What more could a girl want from a shampoo?!

Lush Big Shampoo can be found in store or online here

8 December 2009

Sleek Face Contour Kit

Whilst browsing the Sleek stand recently, I came across this Face Contour Kit. The dinky little packaging appealed to me, and as I'd never purchased a Sleek product before, I was excited to try this out.

I like the packaging, very compact and...well, sleek!

Available in Light, Medium and Dark to cater for a variety of skin tones (I purchased the Light one), the kit is priced at £5.99, amazing value for 14g of product. The little leaflet included instructs on how to contour three different areas; cheeks, nose and eyes, which is handy for girls who are new to contouring.

I'd been wanting a powder highlighter to replace my liquid one for the winter months so this was a perfect find. With just the right amount of shimmer this gives a beautiful glow to the skin and a luminous finish. The contour shade is completely matte and easy to blend, leaving defined cheekbones. This has now become a staple part of my everyday makeup routine and replaced my Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer as a favourite.

Has anybody else tried this kit?