Thursday, 4 March 2010

Favourite Foundations

I recently discovered I go through phases with foundations. I use one continuously, then spot another I loved a while back, remember how amazing it was and use that alone for the next few weeks. This cycle seems to continue but I've found myself rotating the the same four foundations.

Here are my favourites...

♥ Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

This is my go-to foundation when I want my makeup to be quick and fuss-free. I use this everyday for work as the mousse formulation is easy to work with which makes it really fast and easy to apply. I simply sweep it over my face with my fingers as I would a moisturiser.

It feels incredibly silky and the whipped mousse formulation blends beautifully. It’s creates a flawless base, leaving my skin feeling velvety soft. This foundation has a very matte finish (as the name suggests!) which does mean it will highlight any dry or flaky skin. Therefore I think this would work best on people with 'normal' skin.

♥ Barefaced Beauty Mineral Foundation

This was my first introduction to mineral foundation and I've loved it ever since. Again, this is so quick and easy to apply, I simply buff it in with a mini kabuki brush and within seconds my face is transformed. This gives a very natural finish, I can still see a few freckles peeping through which I like. With a weightless quality, it feels as though I'm not wearing any makeup, perfect for summer when I don't want to feel anything heavy or oily on my face.

♥ Revlon Colourstay

This foundation requires a little more work to look its best but the end results are worth it. I apply using the MAC 187 Brush for a flawless finish. With a thick consistency, you need to work fairly quickly otherwise it can become difficult to blend. Giving full coverage, I use this for long lasting results for long days and nights out. Out of the four I'd say this foundation gives the most professional and airbrushed look.

♥ Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid

With a handy pump for controlled dispensing (Revlon, take note!) Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid gives a beautiful glow to the skin and leaves a dewy, flawless finish. I use this on the weekends to give medium coverage with a natural radiance.

I've yet to try a higher end brand like MAC or NARS when it comes to foundations as I haven't felt the need to look elsewhere but I'd be interested to try some out.

What are your favourite foundations?
Any recommendations for my first high end foundation?


  1. Great post, I wanna try dream matte mousse again :) x

  2. I much prefer my colorstay to my MAC. I have the new photo ready and I'm testing that out, but today I swatched a mousse foundation and loved the feeling. I may well invest in one (if I can find one light enough! I find these are always dark!) I worry about a mineral powder not staying put! x

  3. I do the same thing! I love dream matte mouse and dream satin liquid :) XO

  4. I wanna try some of that dream matte, but I'll have to wait until summer because the winter air makes my skin sooo dry :(
    Right now I'm addicted to covergirl aqua smoothers. Light coverage that doesn't accent my dry skin around my nose and on my chin :)

  5. I've tried all the foundations you listed and thought they were all good in their own way, but my heart still belongs to Nars Sheer Matte! Yup it's expensive, but it's a good colour match for my super duper pale skin (something unusual, I promise you!). Would recommend you try the Nars as it's had so much love recently all over the Blogosphere...

    On the other end of the spectrum, I received a bottle of Revlon Photoready today and have been having a play. Like what I see so far - have written an initial review on my blog if you're interested :)


  6. my friend uses the dream matte mousse and it looks great on her! i don't use it, but it does make her skin look very soft and covers well!

  7. I love the Revlon colourstay and have been using it every day- not a fan of the Dream Matte Mousse though. It just doesn't work with my skin very well!x

  8. Nars sheer glow is definitely deserves all the hype it has been getting
    i have also heard a lot of good things a about dior forever - same price range

  9. I'm interested in trying a different foundation actually. At the moment, I use Clinique Gentle Light Makeup in Candle Glow which I really like because it's so light. But I stopped wearing it everyday and now save it for special occassions and I notice I will have at least one or two (albeit) small spots as a result.

    I've never tried a high end foundation myself but would really like to.

  10. I love satin liquid
    I've tagged you in my newest post for a sunshine award!

    Love Eliza xxx

  11. ive always wanted to try liquid foundation

  12. You were one of the winners of my Blog Header contest :) details are on the post x

  13. I used to love dream matte mousse, my skin is a little drier now though, but I'd still like to try it out again. I want to try maybelline dreamy creamy one next :)xx

  14. Hi,

    I gave you an award on my blog :)


  15. Hi,
    I was nominated with a Sunshine Award last week so now I have to award 12 people the same so I have awarded you with a Sunshine Award on my blog!


  16. Hi <3 I use Revlon at the moment, I went to the drugstore and spent a long time trying to find the right color for my skintone and it was the closest! I got the one for dry skin because I tend to flake, but this has been very good as long as I remember to use a good primer! For a dewy look I use a brush first (MAC...smth) and then I dapple with a moist sponge :D

    In comparison I think dream mousse was too dry for me.

    For high-end foundations my favorite is Shiseido Control Stick, which I've used since my grandma used a similar one by Shiseido in the past.


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