7 March 2010

Revlon Fantasy Lashes

Back around Christmas time I was kindly sent a variety of Revlon false eyelashes to try. One pair in particular stood out for me and they're now my favourite false lashes.

Here are Revlon's Fantasy Lengths in 'Lush'

I think they look identical to
these Shu Uemura eyelashes below which are priced at a steep £15.00...

I loved how the individual pieces gave me control over the thickness and volume of the lashes. Having individual pieces also eradicated the problem of needing to trim the lashes to fit each individuals eye size. I found I only needed to use 3 pieces on each eye to create a defined, pretty eye.

What I loved most was that these created a full, fluttery look that looked more natural than other false lashes I've tried. Often I find false eyelashes are just far too long and sparse. These were just a touch longer than my own lashes so the focus was on adding fullness. So I use these in the same way I do clip-in hair extensions, to add volume rather than length.

I've used these eyelashes around six times now and they're still as good as new. The glue holds well but is also easy to peel off after use.

Revlon Fantasy Lashes are available at Asda, Boots for around £5.99 but they're also available
here, starting from just £2.45. However, I've been searching for this particular pair for a while now and can't seem to find them anywhere. So I'm desperately hanging on to these and hoping they last!

Which brand do you rely on to give the perfect eyelashes?


  1. Ooh they look so pretty and what a bargain! xo

  2. They look amazing, I like how you can't see the difference between the false lashes and your real lashes! I've only just started experimenting with false lashes but will definitely take a look at these next time I'm in Boots! x

  3. They look fantastic. I've never tried false lashes but they seem really difficult to use! I don't think I'd have the patience x

  4. Those look really nice :) x

  5. I'm definitely going to check these out the next time I'm out shopping!

  6. Hi hun,
    I've nominted you for a blog award :) xxx

  7. wow very pretty! these lashes are so appropriately named. they really do make your lashes look LUSH <33

  8. they look lovely. def going to try them out! xx

  9. I'm always afraid to try out the fake lashes, but those look great!

    Btw, you have a fun little award waiting for you on my blog :)


  10. Cool lashes!

    Just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!


  11. They look so natural, on I night out I love dramatic lashes. Will have to pick some of these's up for sure.
    Much love from London hunni, uber cute blog x

  12. These look amazing, I can never get mine to stay on :-(

  13. we really love MAC fake eyelashes. but honestly, when you're only gonna wear them for one use, any inexpensive brand will do!


    the kissters


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