Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Car Boot Sale Goodies!

When I was little my mum and I regularly frequented our local car boot sale, scouring the tables for bargains. I hadn't thought about it in years until a few bloggers started posting pictures of bargains they'd found. This stirred up some nostalgia and I found myself wanting to re-visit a car boot sale in my own search for some shabby chic goodies for our new home.

It was difficult for my fiance and I to get up so early on a Sunday morning, (especially when it was so dreary and wet) but we managed it and set off on our journey. I love the hustle and bustle of car boot sales and it was lovely strolling around looking for bargains. Amongst a lot of baby clothes, childrens toys and bric-a-brac, we found some pretty things.

Here are our finds...

Bone china tea set: 4 cups & saucers, 4 side plates and a milk jug - £4
Wooden shelf unit - £7
We're going to sand this down and paint it cream. When it's finished I'll adorn it with some little tea cups and tea lights (and maybe add some lace on the shelves.)
Tin wall hanging - £2
I was very pleased with our finds and think we'll be returning soon. We also saw a wooden rocking chair which we were tempted to buy but we thought we'd wait until we've moved and have some more space. It was selling for a mere £5. With a bit of sanding and painting it would have looked exactly this Laura Ashley rocking chair with an RRP of £250! Car boot sales are the places to be!


  1. Wowee I love all of them, especially the wall hanging, it's beautiful! Yay for carboots! xxx

  2. you got some gorgeous things :)Im in love with the wall hanging. I was going to car boot it up today, but I think next week will be the week

  3. I love car boot sales :D Its insane what people are selling. I love the shelf unit u bought. It looks very chic and romantic

  4. i really like those shelves!

  5. Wow some amazing bargains, I love love love the tea set! So cute!

  6. Ohh lovely! I never find anything nice at car boots x

  7. I can't wait to go car booting again this year :) I use to love going when I was a kid!

    The shelves are lovely, actually everything is! xx

  8. My favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning is visiting the car boot sales in Derbyshire :D You found some beautiful things there! Car boots are very good for china, glass & all kinds of pretty things! x

  9. your car boots sound amazing, and all those buys are so you. especially love the wall hanging and bookshelf, cant believe they are so cheap! we have carboots near us but they are very much a chavvy affair with little to offer :(

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  10. All these things are beautiful! I love the tea set! :) x

  11. lovely goodies! your new home is going to be gorgeous :) xxx

  12. Would love to get my hands on the shelving! I never see any car boots around me!

  13. That shelf unit is truly beautiful. You have inspired me to get check out my local car boot sale. Fingers crossed I kind find some beautiful gems like you did!!


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