Epilating - My First Experience ft. Braun Silk-epil 7 Xpressive Pro

Epilating – I’d heard mention of this method of hair removal only a couple of times in the last few years, but the actual details had remained mysterious. Before then, I had no idea what it even was. So, to introduce it to those who don’t know like I didn’t, epilating is essentially a hair removal method that involves using a device that contains a lot of tweezers. This became the reason for my apprehension. Tweezing a single hair at a time is painful enough, but to tweeze multiple hairs all at once, on areas like your legs that are usually not subject to the tweezers, ouch! 

However, I can see the attraction of epilating. Shaving doesn't keep the hairs at bay long and waxing strips off my fake tan (vain but true) so epilating seemed like a good alternative. I'd been intrigued by epilating since I'd heard of it, so I was keen to take up the offer of trying out the Braun Silk-epil 7 Xpressive Pro. 

This epilator looks nice and friendly. I love the design of it, sleek and girly, with flashes of hot pink and glimmers of shimmer.

Included with the epilator is a water-proof pouch for storing it, a trimmer attachment, a brush for cleaning, an attachment for ‘extra efficient epilating,’ and some Olay wipes to prep your skin.

The Braun epilator features close-grip technology with 40 tweezers and claims to remove hairs as short as a grain of sand, very impressive! With a pivoting head and a high frequency massage system, the Braun epilator is designed to maximise skin comfort and ease. Fully washable, with the ability to be used wet or dry and with the added bonus of a Smartlight (a tiny light that emits a surprisingly bright beam of light to reveal the finest of hairs), this epilator really seems to have it all.

Despite its friendly exterior, upon being switched on, the epilator became a terrifying beast! Prior to the switch-on I was a little apprehensive but more excited and intrigued about this new method of hair removal. Post switch-on, my fiancé and I were looking at each other saucer-eyed and aghast. It was loud. It was scary. If ever a sound could epitomise pain and evoke terror, this was it. And the speed at which the tweezers were revolving, it was enough to make a girl drop it and run for the hills! A couple of days later, I tentatively approached the epilator once again. “I have to do it!” I told my fiancé. He came and kept me company in the bathroom for moral support. I tried to persuade him to try it first so he could reassure me, but alas, he refused. 

After toying with the on/off switch a few times in an attempt to become accustomed to the barbaric sound, and warding off comments from my fiancé such as, ‘It looks like a cheese grater, it’s going to take off your skin!’ (I must admit, it didn’t look too dissimilar) I just went for it! I won't lie, it hurt. A lot. I would describe the sensation as being pricked with lots of tiny needles. I got goosebumps from the pain. But I was determined to make both legs smooth and hair-free so I soldiered on and I have to say I did become accustomed to it quite quickly. 

I was very impressed with how smooth my legs were after epilating. Initially my legs protested with an unsightly red rash but within half an hour they were back to normal. The epilator can also be used on the face, under-arms and bikini line but the pain of epilating in those areas does not bear thinking about! 

I really recommend this epilator. It's simple to use, looks lovely and effectively removes hair. I've been told that with increased use the pain is lessened and I've also been advised to use it in the shower to help ease the pain. 

The Braun Silk-epil 7 Xpressive Pro has an RRP of £129.99 

Available from Boots, Amazon, Argos, larger supermarkets and other good electrical stores.

Have you tried epilating? What are your thoughts?


  1. I have an epilator! They are noisy and scary looking i agree. The pain of doing it doesnt seem to go away but it does lessen and its something you get used too i think. Sometimes i will take an ibuprofen before hand if i have lots of leg work to do lol. I find waxing way too messy so epilating is a good home alternative for me.

  2. I get ingrown hairs from epilators. Had a laser treatment last year. Six treatments and 60% is gone. Hoping to carry on soon but quite expensive. Anyway thank you for sharing the review.

  3. I have an epilator, and it does really hurt me, especially around the ankles! I soley stick to my legs too, anywhere else would make me cry I think haha x

  4. I think i'll be giving this a miss i hate anything like this with a passion because i just don't do pain without panic!! x

  5. I've had an epilator for a few years - the pain lessens the more you use it I've found although it is a pretty scary looking thing! I don't use mine as much as I used to as it gives me ingrown hairs more than waxing does and it takes me ages to do just my lower legs. I'd never attempt to use it on my underarms or bikini line...far too scary! x

  6. I have an epilator and i totally love it - i use it on both my arms and legs and the pain does lessen - ingrown hairs are non existent if you exfoliate with those exfoliating glves 24hrs after xx

    ps thanks for your post on the candy polishes at primark - i got some and love them

  7. I was so amused by yr description of yr fear :). I also want to get an epilator coz I'm so fed up of shaving. But I'm so scared! I've heard that pain does lessen when u get used to it, so I might have to give it a try. Love the design of that epilator


  8. i think ill stick to shaving for now! :) x

  9. I tried it years ago..it hurt! Ive come to the conclusion that I am a wimp and will carry on shaving for now :)

  10. Thing is you received the item for free - would you pay £130 for it !!? xx

  11. @Jennifer-Yeah, I would. Wax kits are about £10 a pop (and even razors are expensive these days, that Venus one is about a tenner and needs replacement blades) so long-term buying an epilator is a lot better value for money. xx

  12. It gets easier the more you use it but to start with...YIKES!!! I still cringe when I have to use one by my knees and ankles and i've been epilating for years!

    They're definately worth the money as long as you get lots of use out of it!! xxx

  13. I bought an epilator, used it once and it's sat unloved ever since! I just couldn't deal with how LONG it took to do just one leg! It was a few years ago though so maybe they have improved! xxx

  14. I have the Braun Silk Epil wet/dry epilator, I loved using it at first but I got bored!
    You've inspired me to charge it up and give it another go!

  15. Hi Amy, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sweet Blogger Award.. Because I do think you are a sweetie, and a gorgeous one at that (*jealous!*)!


  16. I purchased the Amjoi SoftCaress a couple days ago from HauteLook. I'm excited to try epilating! I plan on mostly using it for my arms, which I currently shave. I LOVE the feeling of plucking though, so I can't see this as being too painful for me, except maybe on the underarms and maybe legs. I figure I have a tattoo; it can't hurt any more than that right?


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