30 April 2010

Soap & Glory - Glow Getter Sun Powder Spray

Being a tremendously fair skinned person, I’ve tried a vast amount of fake tans over the years. However, Glow Getter by Soap & Glory was the first I’d come across that was in a spray powder form which could easily be washed off.

Soap & Glory's Glow Getter is described as a sun powder spray that gives an airbrush finish. Suitable for use on face and body, this product is easy to use; simply hold 20cm away, spray and then blend with fingertips until even.

Here is a picture of my legs, one in its natural pale glory and the other with Soap & Glory's Glow Getter.

I was pleasantly surprised to find how well it applied. There were no streaks and I was left looking bronzed with a golden glow. It washed off very easily, no patchiness in sight! This is a great product to use when you want an instant, quick fix for a tan. No drying time, no stickiness, no developing time and if you go wrong you can simply wash it off, perfect!

Soap & Glory's Glow Getter has an RRP of £10 for 100ml and is available in Boots

What do you think, would you use a spray tan?


  1. Hey lady,

    That colour is really nice on you, very natural glow. I likey!

    I use spray tans a lot - but instant ones to give that instant glow - the best I have found is Sally Hansen's leg makeup - its great when mixed with a body oil and makes your legs look amazing!!

    I am going to try the Soap & Glory one now though as the it looks quite moisturising and the Sally Hansen one sometimes dries my skin!


    *~♥Giddy Princess♥~*

  2. Definately just added to my never ending 'to buy' list xx

  3. this looks really good
    the results are amazing!

  4. I have been looking at this for ages deciding whether or not to get it well you have made my mind up - watch pout boots here I come :). How long do you think this would last used just on legs?

  5. OMG I totally need this the results is INCREDIBLE I love it the color is so natural just sunkissed...perfect !

  6. Your legs look lovely with or without! :)

  7. I ummed and ahhed about getting this the other day. You've just made my mind up about it *adds to shopping list* xx

  8. oh wow that looks lovely!
    I've also never used fake tan before but I am terrified about looking like a ghost all summer!
    This post has been really helpful :)

    Thankyou :D

  9. Wow, I need this in my life! I wish it work on the face too though, but I can possibly fake it with bronzer :p.

  10. oh wow that looks really good
    ive never really tried fake tan, but its good to know that their are ones available that can be washed off if you make a mistake ;) haha
    nice post, the photo is a good touch haha

    Eliza xxx

  11. love the look of this. im very pale also and i need something that isnt too obvious! can you layer this to make it more bronze? and is there any transfer? x

  12. This sounds great, I can see it being perfect when you're going out and don't have time to fake tan. Did it transfer to clothes at all? x

  13. This sounds pretty good! I do worry what would happen if it rains though :( I would definitely consider buying this for the Summer x

  14. My only worry would be what happens if you sweat in the summer and you are wearing a white shirt?

  15. Wow...thanks for sharing. I need to get some now...your leg looks great!

  16. This looks like Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs which I swear by! I'll have to try this out sometime! xx


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