12 April 2010

Weekend Summary: House Hunting, Wedding Venues & Primark...

It really was perfect weather this weekend for what my fiancĂ© and I had planned. Saturday began with a second viewing of a house we loved. With my mum in tow, we had another look around and had to try and contain our excitement at the prospect of buying our first home! It’s a lovely house, complete with period features, 3 large bedrooms, a garden and a jacuzzi bath (how fancy!) We made an offer this evening and they accepted, hoorah! I can't quite come to terms with the fact we'll be living in our own spacious home instead of this pokey little rented flat! I can't stop smiling!

After we viewed the house we then had an appointment to view a venue for our Wedding reception at Whatton House Gardens. I’d come across this place when I saw a leaflet in the photocopy room at work. I thought it looked like a lovely setting for a wedding reception. It was even more beautiful, charming and romantic in real life. Blissfully peaceful and the perfect setting for a marquee wedding. We had a stroll around the gardens and fell in love with the place...

Next, we had an impromptu visit to Sutton Bonington Hall. We'd seen this online and liked the look of it so when we discovered it was only 10 minutes away from Whatton House Gardens, we thought we might as well go and investigate a little. The lady who worked there was ever so lovely. Despite us not having made an appointment, she kindly showed us round the house, offered us some tea and biscuits and told us to feel free to have a wander around the house and gardens on our own.

It was nice to finally make some progress with the wedding. We’ve been engaged for about 7 months now but have been so busy with other things that we’ve not had time to think about our wedding too much. Going to view some venues has made it feel more real and I’m so excited!

Sunday we had planned a bit of a shopping spree, but because we were so tired from the previous day's excitement and travelling, we didn't really have the energy and so I only bought a few things from Primark before we headed home...

A blush coloured lace vest

This little black dress with a cut-out lace pattern on the front which I can imagine will look very flattering on...

This little vest top...

These £2 sunglasses which reminded me of some Michael Kors ones I'd spotted in TK Maxx the previous day...

And finally, I thought these plaited waist belts could be very versatile so I bought one in black, white and tan for just £1 each.

So overall it was a lovely weekend, filled with excitement and sunshine!
What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. I have those glasses and I love them! I wear them everyday, I must buy another pair as I always break my glasses.

  2. Congratulations!!! I would smile all day too. I am absolutely loving the dresses you pick the white is definitely my favorite fab' tastes beautiful.


  3. So happy for you lovely, both venues look gorgeous! Love those sunnies too, they are a little bit like my jeepers peepers ones! xx

  4. both of those places are beautiful! either place you have it will be great!

  5. Those sunglasses are gorgeous :)

    Good luck for planning the rest of your wedding :D

  6. i'm so excited ...congratulations! you made for me a happy day...you must tell us more:P

  7. beautiful venue babe!! and lovely bits as always xx

  8. Gorgeous venue love!! :) I love that black dress with lace down middle! xx

  9. Wow sounds like my perfect weekend-house hunting, wedding stuff and shopping! All sounds lovely! Good luck with everythig xx

  10. Those venues are so pretty! xx

  11. those gardens are incredible...your so lucky if you have your reception there!

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  12. Lovely venues!!

    And the clothes are gorgeous :) Primark has really pretty things at the moment! x

  13. I love that black and white dress, gorgeous.
    Wish they had one in the Primark near me. Never spotted that one.
    How much was it, if you don't mind me asking.
    Congrats on the new house and wedding plans xx

  14. Love the white dress, gorgeous!!
    Btw I nominated you for Sunshine Blog Award :)
    xoxo Roz

  15. Congrats on the house! I love those sunglasses x

  16. This venue looks absolutely gorgeous and congrats on the house, you must be so excited!! I have tagged you on my blog for an award hun x


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