21 May 2010

Soap & Glory - Mighty Mouth 3 in 1 Lip Plumping Kit

If you’re like me and suffer from dry or chapped lips occasionally, this may be the perfect little kit for you. Soap & Glory's Mighty Mouth Kit is designed to smooth, soften and plump up your lips. Containing a gentle exfoliator, balm and gloss, this is everything you need for smooth, luscious lips.

Inside the box is a double-ended stick, one side containing the exfoliator and the other side the balm. Here's a closer look...

The exfoliator is essentially a balm with gritty bits ingrained to gently buff away rough skin. I like the format of this exfoliator, it's a lot less messy and easy to use than something like Lush’s Sugar Scrub, meaning you can use it on the go whenever you need to. The balm smells of coconut (yum!) and leaves lips smooth so I've found it's a great base for lipstick.

I love the colour of the gloss. A gorgeous nude coral shade that adds a lovely touch of colour. The gloss gives the lips a light tingle, but I wouldn't put it on the same scale as Sexy Mother Pucker glosses which are a bit too tingly for my liking! It smells like a delicious fruit cocktail, tastes just as good and has a good consistency - not at all gloopy or sticky like the Mother Pucker glosses.

This is a fab little kit that contains everything you need for lovely lips.

Soap & Glory's Mighty Mouth is priced at £10.00 and is available in Boots


  1. Oooh thanks for showing this, sounds perfect for me!
    I suffer every now and again so this would be perfect! xx

  2. This looks lovely, might have to check it out :) I love S&G products xxx

  3. might give this a try xo

  4. im going to check this out! just ran out of my lush scrub and this seems so much more easier to use! x

  5. I saw this before. need to look closer at it next time.

  6. Thanks for the review!


  7. Might have to give it ago, i've been looking for a new lip balm!

  8. Hi there! ive been hooked to your blog and have been reading it from the start up until this post! haha! hope you could follow mine too! u have a new follower now!=)



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