25 May 2010

Weekend Summary: car boots, handbags and ice-cream...

We had the most glorious weather this weekend, I hope you all had a lovely couple of days, it really felt like summer with the smell of sun lotion and BBQ's in the air.

Here’s what my weekend involved...


My fiancé and I went to visit some friends in Melbourne, the little village in Derbyshire, where they had recently moved to. It was absolutely charming and beautiful. It made me think of a real life Sylvanian Families village (my absolute favourite when I was little!) It was full of quaint little stone cottages...

Beautiful yellow corn fields...

...and swans waddling around the lake...

(Pics from Google except for the above which was taken by moi!)

I loved how the shop fronts were so retro and the front doors of the little cottages were all painted in various pastel shades. We definitely want to settle down somewhere like this to raise a family, it was blissful! We ate at a local pub were I had my much loved bacon and brie sandwich with redcurrant jelly, it’s become somewhat of any unhealthy addiction, I seem to be eating it every weekend, it's just so delicious!


We set off to another car boot. Despite there being double the amount of tables we’ve seen in the past due to the lovely weather, no furniture caught our eye. Instead, I saw this sweet pink jug for £2, I'm planning on putting some flowers in it...

and this Iacucci Italian leather bag...

I bought this for £25 – pricey for a car boot but cheap considering how much the these bags cost brand new. (The lady said she'd paid £200 but I'm not sure whether to believe her!) It's lovely and soft with suede inside. I love it, it has a hint of a Mulberry Bayswater about it and I needed a lighter coloured bag for the summer months so this camel tone is perfect.

We spent the rest of the day in a park that's nearby to our new home. It was huge, beautiful and very peaceful. We strolled around hand in hand, relaxed on a blanket to browse through house magazines, ate one of these...

... then finished with dinner at The Orange Tree, where I had a yummy croque monsieur and chunky chips.

It really felt like we were on holiday this weekend, let's hope the sun remains for the upcoming bank holiday weekend! I also experimented with some Lancome goodies, Xen-Tan and some products from the new makeup brand Une. Reviews to follow soon...


  1. Lovin the post! u make me crave for ice cream! hahaha hope u could follow my blog as well hun. thanks so much


  2. Woah..that first picture is from my village... ha xxx

  3. Cool pictures & I love the bag!!

  4. Hi hun, I have given you a blog award as I think your blog is adorable! xxx

  5. that bag is beautiful!

  6. hey amy, this is a bit random but i was just browsing through urban outfitter's home section on their website today and the majority of the products i thought would be perfect for you, since you're moving house! they give off that kind of 'shabby chic' vibe which i know you like :] so thought i would just share x

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely time!
    How cute is that cottage :)

    BTW...I nominated you for an award on my blog :) xx


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