Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Benefit Crescent Row Fragrances - The Second Story

Soon to hit Benefit stores are 3 new Crescent Row fragrances. You may recall the original girls of Benefit's Crescent Row…

Laugh With Me Lee Lee
My Place or Yours Gina
Something About Sofia

Like the first three fragrances, the newest editions have also been given their own persona and poem. Crescent Row's Second Story introduces:

Garden of Good & Eva
Lookin' to Rock Rita
So Hooked on Carmella

I found the packaging absolutely charming and delightful. Each box resembles a little apartment...

The box opens to reveal a bottle of eau de toilette inside...

So Hooked on Carmella
This is a sweet and delicious scent, it reminds me of Cream Soda and caramel with lingering lemon - yum!

Top notes: lemon, grapefruit, rhubarb
Middle notes
: cyclamen, peony, tiare flower

Bottom notes
: vanilla, sandalwood, amber

Garden of Good & Eva
My favourite scent of the three, I have no idea how to describe this but it's truly lovely!

Top notes
: pear, watermelon, ozone acords, muguet
Middle notes: rosebud, jasmine petals, green violet leaves, freesia
Bottom notes: sandalwood, musk, cedarwood

Lookin' to Rock Rita
A summery and floral fragrance, this leaves a lingering smell of spice and freshness.

Top notes
: lemon, coconut, freesia
Middle notes: juicy fig, hyacinth, violet
Bottom notes: sandalwood, Brazilian rosewood, vanilla

It's always difficult to describe fragrances so the only advice I can give is to head to a Benefit counter and have a sniff of these gorgeous fragrances yourself. I'm sure you'll love them and find your own favourite!

Benefit's Crescent Row fragrance are priced at £29.50 for 30ml and available at Benefit Boutiques and Boots from 30th June 2010


  1. I like the sound of Carmella & Rita, need to go sniff!

  2. Oooh, i'll have to check these puppies out! Carmella sounds amazing xx

  3. Wow, they all look so pretty. The Laugh with me LeeLee one is my favourite summer fragrance, so I am really excited about these! xo

  4. I can't wait for these, I already have the first Gina one and I love it xx


  5. These look so cute! I'll definitely be checking these out next time I'm at a Benefit counter :) x

  6. Ooh, thanks! I really like Lee Lee, so will go and check these ones out! x

  7. I think I'd pick these up because of the packaging alone!!!

  8. Ooh I love the look of these. The packaging is cute enough to make anyone buy it haha. One fragrance by Benefit which i do like is Laugh With Me Lee Lee. It smells so pretty!



  9. I love the packaging of these, Laugh with me LeeLee was my fave from the last collection, so I can't wait to smell these! I'm excited about Rita!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  10. I am in love with the packaging! Garden of good and eva sounds lovely! xx

  11. I cant wait to try these, apparently they are made by Chanel!
    Do you know if the old ones will be discontinued?x

  12. I have Carmella and Rita already!

    They are amazing and the packaging fabulous. I have the original collection too.



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