Friday, 11 June 2010

Lancome Tropiques Minerale Golden Croisette Bronzing Palette

New from Lancôme this June is the Tropiques Minerale Golden Croisette Bronzing Palette - a limited edition palette that is both beautiful and versatile. The palette contains three shades; a deep bronze, a coral and a pinky mauve. Blended together with a brush, these three light-infused shades contain just the right amount of shimmer to create an instant healthy glow.

Here it is in action...
(It looks a lot more impressive and lovely in real life, I promise!)

I really love this, it's a gorgeous palette to use this summer when you don’t want to be lugging around a multitude of products.

Lancôme's Tropiques Minerale Golden Croisette Bronzing Palette is priced at £33.


  1. I love it but I'm thinking to buy guerlain :)

  2. if it makes me look like you in that pic im getting it! haha :)

  3. I've noticed how your layout is similar to zoella's, could you reply with where you got it? Thanks, it's lovely!

  4. that is really gorgeous!

  5. gorgeous colours! thanks for sharing :) just found your blog btw.. its lovely! you have a new follower :) <33


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