15 June 2010

NOTD - 17 Pink Lemonade

Whilst at the till purchasing two of 17's lipsticks this weekend, I was informed there was a 3 for 2 offer on all 17 products, so I grabbed the first product that caught my eye - a nail polish called Pink Lemonade...

Despite the name I don't really see much pink in this colour. The reason I liked the look of it was that it looked like a gorgeous peachy coral.

The first coat was very sheer, so I applied 3 in total to achieve the opaque colour above. I love the formulation of this nail polish, it's glossy and has an almost gel-like finish. For this reason it reminds me of Lancome's Juicy Tubes, only for your nails!

The perfect summer colour, this reminds me of sunsets and cocktails...lovely!

17's Fast Finish Nail Polishes are
priced at £3.49 and are available in Boots

I've been very impressed with 17's nail polishes, I think I'll be returning this weekend for more!


  1. Ooh like this. 3 coats is annoying though.


  2. what a gorgeous colour! x

  3. Wow thats gorgeous! So summery!
    I just bought a liquid lipstick from ELF called Pink Lemonade - the name enough tempted me to buy it and it was £1.50!
    Cute blog :)

  4. Love this colour! Great for summer x

  5. looks like a really pretty colour :) x


  6. thats SUCH a gorgeous colour! i will definitely be having a look soon :) xx

  7. i don't need this colour, i don't need this colour..... :p Looks so pretty x

  8. Sooo pretty, as you say, perfect for summer! xx

  9. Such a pretty colour, shame it needs 3 coats though x

  10. This is a beautiful color!

    Just came across your blog.

    It is lovely!


  11. The colour looks lovely :) xx


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