7 June 2010

Xen Tan Mousse Intense

I’ve been a fan of Xen-Tan’s Deep Bronze Luxe (review here) for quite some time now as it gives a natural golden glow, so I was interested to try the mousse version to see how it compared. Mousses are my preferred formulation for fake tan; they’re easy to use, quick to apply and dry almost instantly. The Xen-Tan Mousse Intense did not disappoint. I used my mitt to apply as I do with all mousses. At only around £3 I find they're the best way to apply mousse self tan and make it an even easier process. It's hard to go wrong if you use one of these!

The first thing I noticed was that the Xen Tan Mousse was creamy and smooth to apply. It glided along my skin easily and blended nicely. It has the same delicious vanilla cupcake smell as the lotions so I was left smelling good enough to eat! It dried within a minute and most importantly, the colour was perfect. Upon application I was left with a subtle hint of a tan, by morning it had developed into a golden tan. As if my magic I looked as though I’d been on holiday for a week!

After trying Xen Tan mousse I've found I much prefer it to St Moriz (review here.) It’s much more creamy to apply and I find it less drying. It has more of a golden/olive undertone rather than a reddish one which I find the St Moriz mousse to be. I noticed this particularly on my hands, the most troublesome part of the body to tan! With the Xen Tan mousse they looked naturally sun-kissed and there were no awkward lines, whereas I have all sorts of trouble St Moriz!

Overall, a fantastic product which I’ll be purchasing in the future.

Xen Tan Mousse Intense has an RRP of £21.95 for 118ml and is available to buy


  1. WOW that colour is amazing!! cant wait to try mine now :)

  2. that looks great, and no streaks! x

  3. I've always been a fan of xen tan's dark tanning lotion, might give this a go, sounds & looks fab! x

  4. looks fab! Can't wait to try it! x

  5. Beautiful color, thanks for the review!


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