30 July 2010

Moving to our New House!

The time has finally come to move house! It's felt like a long process as our offer on the house was accepted back in March, so we're so happy to finally be moving in over this weekend. We've completely outgrown our tiny little flat which we've been renting for the past two years so I can't even imagine what it will be like to live in a place that has stairs, more than four rooms and a garden!

We'll be living in an almost-empty house for a while as we don't want to take any of our current furniture with us (modern, cheap and broken) so until we move in and can measure for new furniture, nothing can be ordered. A busy and exciting time ahead; painting, wallpapering, choosing curtains and furniture, very exciting!
Here's a little peek at our new house, it's a Victorian 3 bed terraced house. I love the glossy black front door!

We won't have Internet access for a couple of weeks so blog posts will be a bit sparse, although I have scheduled a few. Hopefully I'll be back in a fortnight with some summer posts!


  1. that is such a gorgeous house! you will have so much fun decorating :D

  2. Looks great, hopefully i'm moving to a similar type of house soon! x

  3. oooooh, it's such a proper, gorgeous grown up looking house! I'm sure you'll have it looking just beautiful lady :)
    a x
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  4. This is such a beautiful house, hope you have fun decorating :) x

  5. It looks like a beautiful house, I bet you can't wait to get in there and decorate it! Fingers crossed that this will be me this time next year! x

  6. Aww it looks gorgeous!!! Good luck with the move etc :)
    I need to get my arse into gear with saving for a deposit etc. Lol xx

  7. that is absolutely beautiful! victorian houses with bay windows are my fave :)

    you'll have to post a house tour or show us some of your diy / furniture / decorating projects!

    good luck with it all!

    sofia x

  8. Looks like a gorgeous house!! You will have so much fun turning it into your HOME!! You are dead right to take your time and not rush into buying any furniture, part of the fun in doing up a house is hunting down the things that are just right!!! Congratulations and good luck xx

  9. the house looks lovely! I've spent this whole week decorating and building flat pack furniture so wish you the best of luck with it all!

  10. House looks lovely! Good luck with the move :) x

  11. Good luck! Moving is the most stressful thing but so exciting too! Choosing all new furniture will be so much fun!

    Christina x


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