10 August 2010

Holiday Preparation with Philips Satin Perfect

I'll be heading off to Turkey in a couple of weeks so my holiday preparation has begun! One of the first things to tackle is hair removal. Here's the perfect solution to leave your skin smooth and silky before you jet off to sunnier climates...

Philips Satin Perfect
The new Philips Satin Perfect has an extra-wide head which enables it to removes more hair in one stroke, giving you long-lasting smoothness, faster. Its high performance discs are made of textured ceramic material, which gently grip and remove even finest hairs.

It's super quick to use and gives silky smooth legs for weeks. A great product for all the busy ladies out there who want fast, long lasting results.

The Philips Satin Perfect Epilator is available from Argos, Boots and Amazon. For more information, head to http://www.phillips.co.uk/


  1. I really want to try the crest white strips, just wish they were as readily available over here :(
    - Beth x

  2. i have been looking for something to whiten these teeth of mine! i will have to give these crest white strips a go. i should proberly give the xentan a try as well before i go to greece next week!

    enjoy your holiday dear :)

  3. where do you get your crest strips from lover?xx

  4. Thanks for letting us know about Crest Whitestrips, I have received some samples but haven't seen results because I haven't used them for long enough (I guess). I was wondering it they were worth it.

  5. I'm so confused. Why are all of these comments about Crest Whitestrips, when the post is about an epilator?

  6. I have bad experience of Crest because of teeth sensitivity. Take a look on Stella white strips instead, they work just as good and are legal in UK :)


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