7 September 2010

Ins & Outs

I've been a bit absent from the blogging world, firstly because we were settling into our new house and waiting for an Internet connection, then heading away for a holiday for a fortnight. To ease myself back into it and give a little update on things that are happening right now, I thought I'd do my first Ins and Outs post...


Feeling good after a holiday

My fiancé and I have spent the last fortnight in Turkey where the weather was glorious. I've returned the most tanned I've ever been, my hair a few shades lighter, and feeling relaxed and happy.

Joining the gym

I used to be one of those people who could eat as much junk as they liked and never gain a pound. People I barely knew would come up to me and exclaim, 'You're so skinny.' Alas, those days are now over and I've decided to try the gym in an attempt to shift some weight and tone up. I don't want to spend a lot in case I discover I can never be bothered to go, so I've found a gym called Fit Space which is a no-frills gym and only costs £10 a month, perfect!

Returning to our new home

We've done a lot of decorating since we moved in a few weeks ago but there's still a few finishing touches needed. We've started to order furniture and my new dressing table...

and our chests of drawers...

...are due to be delivered later today. We haven't yet ordered our bed so we're still sleeping on the mattress on the floor which has somehow led to some of the best night's sleep of our lives!

Being inspired to cook

We had some delicious traditional Turkish meals whilst on holiday such as dishes cooked in clay pots and steel pans and it was lovely to taste their casseroles which were so full of flavour. Before going away we also tried Le Mistral, a lovely French restaurant in our local town where we dined on Moules Marinieres - a bowl of mussels with shallots, garlic, white wine and parsley cream and Boeuf Bourguignon - tender beef with shallots, smoked belly pork and mushrooms slow cooked in a red wine stock on garlic mash. It's inspired me to attempt to cook real, tasty food and to step away from pre-made sauces. I'll be looking up some recipes and hopefully soon I'll be making delicious tasty food myself!

Autumn/Winter Clothing

Before we jetted off to Turkey, we did a spot of shopping in Nottingham. It was one of those marvellous days where the shops seem to be full of lovely things and you're spoiled for choice. We spent hours in H&M as they had such an array of gorgeous clothes, so I thought it wise to stock up on for Autumn and ended up buying masses of clothes from there!

Wedding Planning

A year after getting engaged, we have finally set a date! Our wedding will take place on August 20th 2011. I was delighted when a few weeks ago on this very date a personalised card arrived in the post from my fiancé with a lovely message inside. It made me smile...

 Next weekend we'll be visiting my parents and my mum and I will be heading to some bridal boutiques so I can finally try on some wedding dresses!

Missing my fiancé

It was amazing to spend two whole weeks together and to be in each others company 24 hours a day. Now we're back in the real world and it's back to work so we miss each other terribly, I want him back all to myself!

English weather

It rained throughout August, it rained when we departed England, and unsurprisingly, upon our return at 3am this morning, we were greeted with more pouring rain and very cold temperatures. Having spent the last two weeks growing accustomed to a climate where it reaches 45'C by 10am, I went to bed shivering and teeth chattering, trying to re-gain some warmth by wrapping up in my winter PJ's, a hoody and thick fluffy socks. Upon awakening I discovered the brief exposure to the cold whilst hopping off the plane and getting home had left my toes with chilblains. Very painful and itchy.

I'll be back soon with more posts on my latest purchases!


  1. The furniture for your new home looks gorgeous, and congratulations on setting a date, you must be so excited!


  2. Congrats on setting a date hun, mine is june the 18th 2011! :)XX

  3. What a SUPER cute card & thought of your fiance, I bet it made you smile for days! How come you guys are apart from eachother?

  4. the furniture looks gorgeous! and congrats on setting the date! :) xx

  5. Where did you get that vanity?
    Its so lovely! xo

  6. That furniture is beautiful Amy - you have such great taste xx

  7. I love that picture of you both, just gorgeous!
    You sound a lot like my husband and I. I always struggle to understand when my friends joke about needing a break from their boyfs. Matt and I still can't get enough of each other, I think it's cos we're best friends as well as lovers. Marry your best friend and you'll never go wrong xx

  8. Gorgeous dressing table, it's great decorating a new home, I loved it!

  9. That photo is gorgeous! You should have it framed!

    Glad you had a lovely hol! x

  10. Awww the card was a sweet thing for him to do :)

  11. where in the world did you get that dressing table?!??!!

  12. what a lovely card :) and the dressing table! definately on my want list when i'm old enough to move out! x

  13. Wow, i love the first picture of the dressing table!!! Super

  14. @Dutchess Roz - we're apart because it's back to work, so we only see each other in the evenings now :(

    @Emm & JackieP - It's from an online store called Classics Direct, I'll be doing a proper post at some point about our furniture with more info!

    @frocklover - I know people who say things like that too, completely puzzling! And I completely agree with your comment about marrying your best friend.

  15. LOVING your blog! These would match my room perfectly!

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