28 September 2010

Kim Kardashian Curls

 Over Summer I experimented with trying to perfect Kim Kardashian curls. I've become very fond of this hairstyle, it's glamorous and flattering and makes long hair like mine look a lot less boring. Initially, I was using my Nicky Clarke Supermodel Giant Barrel Tong (bought from eBay.) As much as I loved how these created big, loose curls that resembled Miss Kardashian's, they just weren't holding the curl longer than 10 minutes, no matter how much hairspray I assassinated my hair with. They simply didn't reach a high enough temperature. I'd spend an age waiting for them to heat, patiently wrap my hair around the tongs, hold in position for a few minutes and release, but by the time I'd finished my whole head of hair, the section I'd started with was already dropping.

My search for another pair of large barrelled tongs began and eventually I purchased Boots Style Solutions Jumbo Hair Tongs. Costing only £14.99, they feature 32mm ceramic coated plates specifically designed for creating voluminous, large curls and heat up to 180'C. They only slight problem I have is the length of the cord. Unless you have a plug socket very near to where you'll be styling your hair, you may be in a bit of trouble. The cord was just about long enough for me but it meant I had to rest the tongs on the floor between sections as it was too short to reach any kind of surface. That aside, these tongs create beautiful loose curls like so...

The tongs heat up quickly, the curl lasts a long time and the whole process is complete in a matter of minutes. This is how I'm hoping to have my hair at our wedding next year, let's just hope my hair behaves on the day!

Do you have any tips for creating Kim Kardashian curls?


  1. oo amy you look absolutely gorgeous!xxx

  2. wowee £15? thank goodness pay day is near! xx

  3. Absolutely stunning - a great look for your wedding too! I can't believe how cheap the tongs are! Bargain find! Xx

  4. Hey,
    It looks really nice.
    I use this: Carmen DC662
    - Make sure your hair is a little wet, or make it wet by spraying water from a bottle.
    - Put a little protector in your hair. I prefer fudge oomf booster. It's smells GREAT! http://www.hairmasters-stonystratford.co.uk/Fudge---Oomf-Booster/
    - Then use the Carmen to make your curls. It's very easy because you can pull in the pins. You can change the heat. And it dries your hair quick because it blows! You have to SEARCH for this Carmencurlthing but it's worth it.
    - I never used L'oreal Elnett hairspray but i'm going to buy it. I saw that even Viktor& Rolf use it for there shows so...That's the good stuff! Look here: http://fionacorrigan.wordpress.com/2010/06/08/kourtney-kardashian-loves-loreal-elnett-hairspray-and-so-do-i/
    - As a finishing touch this stuff is great: Biosilk. http://blog.myhairstylingtools.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/silk.jpg It smells really nice...

    Ok, hope you will try something of it. Believe me, i have lots of hairproducts :)

  5. You mean Kim Kardashian CURVES (see what i did there?) you look amazing!xxx

  6. Wow, you have some pair of lady lumps! he he. You look stunning and just as much a sex kitten as kim herself!

  7. That looks really nice!! I love Kim Kardashians hair :)

    Princess Juicy T ♥

  8. Love your hair you look so pretty!

  9. you should be locked up showing that much boobage & being a betrothed woman! you look gorgeous!! xx

  10. You look absolutely stunning, love the hair! x

  11. Gorgeous i wish my haiur would do this!! xx

  12. you look stunning! loving the hair.. unfortunately middle parting doesn't suit me :( x

  13. You look amaaaazing! And I love the curls! x

  14. Wow, you look stunning!

  15. i have been looking for something to create volume for aaaages and this post was so helpful.... thanks!
    i was going to get heated rollers, have you ever tried them?? x

  16. This is totally inappropriate but...

    *honks boob*


    You look lovely anyways as usual sweetie :)

  17. Try Babyliss Pro Curl 210 .... They heat up to 210 degrees! They cost about £17.

    Curl your hair in medium sections, in different directions. So, over the barrel and under it too. Make sure you curl the strands of hair around your face AWAY from your face, so it opens your face out :)

    Also, always remember to hairspray them a little so they last the whole day & to brush your whole hair through with a natural bristle brush :) I know it sounds stupid but it really give the Kim K effect :)

    That's what I've done in one of my blog posts! It's the make-over one if you want to have a quick look to see what it looks like :)

    Kaushal xx

  18. i know others have said it, but im gonna say it too, hello boobies! you look hot lol!
    i use my ghd's to do my curls, i just hold them at a different angle depending on how tight or loose i want them to be!
    i actually got a reply from khloe kardashian on twitter yesterday! totally unrelated to kims curls i know, but at least still kardashian related, and i just wanted to share because no body i know cares, or even know who she is!?

  19. you're so pretty!!

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  20. My favorite way to get Kim Kardashian curls is to use a clampless curling iron! :) I had no idea it would work so well until I saw a co-worker sporting beautiful curls done with a clampless curling iron. I ran out to Ulta to buy one right away!

  21. really cute, and the whole photo-shoot is awesome! Great blog dear, congrats! Would you like to visit mine, and why not follow each-other? Let me know:


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