13 September 2010

Sugar Strip Ease

I've been more experimental with hair removal this year, venturing out of my comfort zone with shaving to try epilating for the first time. Now another first - sugaring. With the same concept as waxing, sugaring has been used for thousands of years so I thought it must be a reliable method and I was keen to give it a go.

Made from a blend of pure sugar syrups and free from artifical chemicals, Sugar Strip Ease won't irritate the skin and is completely water soluble, meaning no hard-to-remove, sticky residue.

My only experience with waxing has been with Veet's ready-to-use wax strips, so I was a complete novice to heating a solution and applying it myself. However, the instructions were easy to follow and I simply popped the jar into the microwave for 60 seconds and checked it was the consistency of runny honey before applying to my skin.

I was expecting a fair amount pain as my experience with Veet's strips has not been pleasant (and epilating is excruciating) but I was left shocked after whipping these strips off, not from the pain but by the lack of it. In fact I'd almost go as far to say that it was pain-free. So delighted was I by this that I happily went about waxing the rest of my legs. In the past I couldn't bear continuing and have wandered around with a single rectangular-shaped patch of smooth skin. The fact these sugaring strips barely registered on the pain factor means they're ideal for use on more sensitive areas such as underarms and the bikini line.

A big plus for me is that the sugar washes off so easily. No need for 'after waxing wipes' which not only do not remove the wax, but also feel greasy. The fact the sugar is water soluble means the fabric strips are completely reusable so a very economical form of hair removal.

Overall, I found Sugar Strip Ease simple to use, almost pain-free and a good alternative to shaving, epilating or waxing. The packaging is pretty and the price is reasonable too, I'd definitely recommend.

Sugar Strip Ease is priced at £9.99 and available at http://www.boots.com/

Have you tried sugaring? Would you give it a go?


  1. Firstly, I'm a new follower, and I'm loving your blog and pretty header (: Secondly, I'm so glad someone's finally posted about this technique! I have wanted to try it for ages but was way too scared, and this has convinced me to give it a go! xx

  2. My prayers have been answered. This looks amazing, I've never heard of this before but I will definitely be buying it, probably even tomorrow. Lovely post, and lovely blog


  3. never heard of sugaring but id love to give this a go! how long does it last?

  4. This sounds so much more tempting than waxing! I started dabbling with the veet wax strips about a month and have found them too painful to keep up the waxing! I must give these a go thanks for the review honey :) x

  5. Greats review.

    How long did the sugaring last between sessions ?

    Rachelle Xxx

  6. wow, thankyou for this, what a good price! xxx

  7. just found your blog its lovely :) will have to check this out, im totally with you on the 'veet rectangle'! xx

  8. I bought this on groupon, it was two pots for £6 which is fantastic! Can't wait to redeem my coupon after reading this!


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