26 September 2010

Tesco Clothing Shopping Spree!

I don't think I've ever bought a piece of clothing from Tesco before, but after seeing another blogger's goods from the store, I headed there (via the Internet) myself. Before I knew it my virtual shopping basket was being filled with all sorts of gorgeous things and I came out of the experience with almost £90 less in my bank account. Who would have thought it possible?! Here's what caught my eye and is making it's way to me as I type...

And Mary Gold Plated Envelope & Swallow Necklace - £12

This beautiful, girly necklace is part of the 'And Mary' jewellery range stocked by Tesco. The collection is right up my street, featuring delicate designs of miniature teacups, teapots, birdcages and vintage style necklaces. Inside this sweet little envelope is a letter with the words 'I love you.'

F&F Floral Print Wellington Boots - £10

I can't say no to a pretty pair of Wellington boots, especially when they involve pink flowers. You never know when they'll come in handy!

F&F Tailored Dress - £22

I'm always struggling to find attractive workwear dresses so I was delighted to see this on the Tesco site. The ruffle sleeves add a pretty, feminine touch to a structured dress.

F&F Bow Neck Floral Blouse - £18

I thought this would be a blouse that could be worn in different ways - either tucked into a pencil skirt for workwear or with skinny jeans for the weekend.

F&F Brocade Tailored Dress - £25

Another structured workwear dress, I love the brocade print of this dress and the cute little sleeves. It's a nice alternative to the usual black/grey plain dresses that are so often the only kind of dresses offered as suitable for work.

And finally, what I so wanted to add to my basket but they didn't have my size...

F&F Bow Front Dress - £20

A lovely elegant dress that could be worn smartly or casually. I'd love to wear this with a blazer and little pumps. I'll be checking back to see if they stock up in my size at a later date.

Have you ever bought clothing or accessories from Tesco before?


  1. F&F is actually such good value. I've found a few bits and pieces over the years that I've been so impressed with xx

  2. I brought an amazing coat from the Pettie range the other day so warm and so inexpensive! x

  3. Thank you so much for this post, I just recently got a job a new job and have been struggling with finding suitable clothes; This will really help! And such amazing value.

    Thanks again,
    Heather-Lou x


  4. Such lovely dresses, I couldn't resist copying a few of your choices!

  5. Love the black dress and the wellies! Will definitely be having a look at Tesco's range now :)

  6. One of my favourite tops is a Tesco purchase - a black lace beauty! I bought it one size too big and love wearing it over other things :)


  7. I always have a look when I'm in there as they do some stuff that's pretty similar to the rest of the high street! I may take a look at their necklaces now, they look just like those ones from Accessorize! x

  8. F&F is really good! The dresses are cute and I love those wellies. I just got a top from there and did a post about it :)

  9. wow i love the dresses. I love the sleeves :)

  10. Love that bow blouse! Can't believe its from tesco!

  11. I love the necklace and black dress! Great picks!



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