6 November 2010

Lacoste Joy of Pink Perfume & Event

I was recently invited to a tea party to celebrate the launch of Lacoste's new fragrance -  Joy of Pink. With the promise of lots of girly fun and with Alexa Chung making an appearance, I was excited to see what the afternoon had in store!

The event was held in the members' club Paramount in Centre Point. Located on the 32nd floor and 385ft above ground level, the views of London were breathtaking if a little vertigo inducing! The venue was beautifully decorated with touches of everything I adore. The room was filled with candles...

pink champagne...

beautiful flowers...

and delightful decor...

After a bit of socialising over cocktails and champagne, Alexa Chung was introduced and informally interviewed by T4's Rick Edwards. She looked lovely in a soft feminine blouse and black leather hotpants.

A few things I discovered about Alexa Chung: She can't drive, she's a bit naughty as often doesn't take her makeup off after a night out and one of her favourite beauty items is liquid eyeliner which she feels is both retro and modern.

I managed to get a photo with the lady herself (she said she liked how I was tall too and I agree, it's not nice to always feel like a lonesome giant!) but is it possible to look good standing next to Alexa Chung?

I was thrilled when we sat down for afternoon tea at these charming tables adorned with dainty teacups and plates.

The menu was mouth-watering...

...and the cakes were delicious!

It was a fabulous girly afternoon which I thoroughly enjoyed.

On to the new perfume! The Joy of Pink packaging features the same design as the other Pink House fragrances, enhanced by a vibrant explosion of neon pink. The box has been revamped with the neon pin, ribbon-style writing, reflective of the vivacious mood of the fragrance.

With a delicious bursting of citrus grapefruit scent on first application, the perfume mellows over time and settles with peony and cedar wood adding a touch of musk. Whilst I tend to reach for more heavy and musky fragrances during the Winter months, this is a fabulous fresh and fruity perfume that is perfect for perking me up on dull days and giving me a scent of Summer. Light, girly and delicate, this is a great perfume for everyday wear. I love it!

Prices start at £24 for 30ml of EDP



  1. Looks like a great event! V. jealous of you meeting Alexa- she's gorgeous! x

  2. Looks lovely! Those pink drinks sitting on the bar look particularly appetising!

  3. simply amazing !


  4. Am so jealous! Those cupcakes look delicious! xx


  5. Wow can't believe you met Alexa Chung! Everything looks very pretty and pink.

  6. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous party!! Im sure you had the time of your life!

  7. How adorable :) I love all the teacups and the decadent dessert spread.. looks like so much fun! Lusting your blog btw- now following you here and on bloglovin'


  8. This sounds like just my kind of fragrance, looking forward to smelling it!

    Best, Lisamarie

  9. Oh my, this looks like it was such a beautiful event. I'm rather jealous that you got to meet Alexa :O The menu looks divine.

  10. Oh, wow! Those cakes look delish! The perfume sounds gorgeous too, and how exciting you got to meet Alexa too?!

  11. what a lovely event! stunning decor

  12. oh wow , you lucky girl !
    very jealous , it all looks really lovely and bet you had an awsome time :) xx
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    thank you x

  13. Great event! This might be one of the best selling products they have. I assume that there will be a chance for us to buy perfumes online since this is already launched.

  14. I love the aroma of Lacoste Pink. That is one exquisite place. The bottle of Lacoste is well complemented.
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