19 November 2010

Lush Christmas Collection 2010: The Boogg & Gingerbread House

Until recently, I was a Lush virgin. On many occasions I enviously read the reviews of other girls and wished I too could indulge in sumptuous candy scented, bubble filled baths. But the bath we had in our old flat was tiny, in a bathroom that had no windows, and the one time my desperation to be encased in warm water reached a peak and I attempted a bath, the hot water ran out before the bath was even half full.

So I was delighted when our new house had the added bonus of a huge double bath complete with jacuzzi jets (which create masses of bubbles in a matter of seconds!) It was crying out for Lush goodies! Autumn/Winter is the ultimate time of year to take a bath and with Lush's Christmas Collection now available, I've found myself hopping in regularly, overjoyed to finally luxuriate in the Lush bath experience.

I have a whole host of Lush Christmas bath goodies waiting to be reviewed, so for now, I'll start with The Boogg & Gingerbread House...

The Böögg Ballistic - £2.25

The Böögg is inspired by a Swiss tradition of building an effigy of a snowman, filling its head with fireworks and popping it on a bonfire. This little snowman features 'fireworks' made of a combination of Bubble Bar and Bath Ballistic mixture that create slowly fizzing froth and explode out the snowman's head.

Popping this into the bath was a lot less exciting and dramatic than I'd hoped for. Although it was fun to watch different colours appear from the snowman, they dissolved very quickly and the bath water didn't change colour. Containing armoise oil which was slightly herbal, the smell lingered delicately for quite a while in the bathroom and on my skin but overall quite a disappointing experience.

Gingerbread House Bubble Bar - £2.45

This is the most delightful looking bath product I have ever seen! Indeed it looks good enough to eat with it's iced roof and cinnamon stick chimney. The scent is a sweet spice, which Lush describes as a combination of citrus oils, blackcurrant and ginger. The perfect scent if you want to feel warm and Wintery! I only needed to use half the bar for lots of glorious bubbles, which disguised the not so appealing orange bath water. The fragrance lingered on my skin afterwards and left my skin feeling lovely and soft.

The complete Lush Christmas collection can be found here

More reviews to follow shortly!


  1. That gingerbread house is the cutest thing ever- I don't think I could bring myself to use it and break it up!x

  2. Me and my boyfriend tried the Boogg one. It's lovely


  3. i'm positively jealous........

  4. Ooooh, i have a lot of the lush xmas products on my christmas list♥ That gingerbread house is one of my favourite's it's soo cute:)xx

  5. Christmas lush stuff is my favoritee. I really want to try the gingerbread house...it's adorable!


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