2 December 2010

Girls With Attitude False Eyelashes - Short & Sweet

Following on from the FOTD I posted the other day, (click here to see it) here's my review for the false eyelashes I was wearing. I'm a big fan of false eyelashes. They can widen and brighten the eyes and add a bit of glamour to a makeup look. I first spotted Girls With Attitude whilst browsing in Boots, and at just £5.00 a pair, I couldn't resist buying some. Girls With Attitude offer a variety of false lashes in different lengths and styles, so whether you are wanting natural definition, longer lashes or something a bit more dramatic, there's a style to suit everyone.

When the company contacted me a couple of weeks later offering me the opportunity to try some of their lashes, I was keen to experiment with some different styles to the ones I'd bought previously. My lashes are already quite long so when choosing false eyelashes, I look for a pair that add volume rather than length. Girls With Attitude have a whole selection of eyelashes named Shorties, perfect for someone like me! The first pair I tried were Short & Sweet...
I love eyelashes that are slightly longer at the outer corner, they're ideal for creating a feline eye. 

Included in each pack of eyelashes is a small tube of glue and a teeny little brush to apply it with. I must admit, I had a bit of trouble applying these lashes. The band is a lot more flexible than I'm used to, so I couldn't control them as much as I would have liked. The inner corner (the bit I always struggle with!) took a bit of re-gluing to stop it from sticking up from my eye.

As you can see, part of the false lash on the right isn't even in contact with my eyelid-not good! However, I know with practice I'll get a lot better at applying these.

As for how they look, I love them! They give me fluttery, voluminous eyelashes that aren't ridiculously long and fake looking so I could wear them in the day. 

I have a few other pairs which I'll be trying out at a later stage...a pair from the Natural range and a couple which are more dramatic from the Glamour range.

Girls With Attitude false eyelashes are available to buy online here and also at Boots.


  1. Falsies give such a nice effect! They really made the colour of your eyes pop in the last picture!



  2. wow these look really effective. i usually go for something longer to open up my eyes more, but i might try these for a change now that I've seen it applied. x

  3. These look really pretty sweetie!

    Me and a few of the girls at Uni have started selling false lashes for a business we started up as part of a module of work.. You should check out our FB page!


    We're going to be selling 10 pairs for £5, so an amazing bargain!

    I've got a post on my blog about all the different styles :)


  4. those eyelashes look amazing!

  5. wow these eyelashes are so pretty! i'm definitely going to get my hands on this!


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