14 December 2010

Lush Christmas Collection: Bearded Lady & Christmas Eve

Continuing on with Lush's Christmas collection of delectable bath goodies...

Bearded Lady Bubble Bar - £2.50

This cute bubble bar contains moisturising oat milk, fresh avocado and banana, jojoba and almond oils - an assortment of delicious ingredients to soften your skin in the bath. Once again, crumbling half a bar was sufficient for an eruption of lots of big, silky bubbles. The scent is subtly delicate with a hint of citrus...lovely!

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar- £2.60
Lush's Christmas Eve combines jasmine and ylang ylang for a relaxing floral scent which made a nice change from the usual sweet scents I'm drawn to. This bubble bar features Irish moss powder to form a soothing, softening gel and the oils are good for caring for sensitive skins. Christmas Eve creates bubbles galore and the bath water turns a deep blue (if you can see it beneath all the bubbles!) I'll definitely be stocking up on these for more soothing, relaxing baths. It's one to bring out the candles for!


  1. The Bearded Lady looks so cute - sounds like it would smell gorgeous too. x

  2. arww they look so cute :) x
    merry christmas from my blog to yours hope the new year brings you everything you want ! xx

  3. I <3 Lush! hope you had a fab christmas!




  4. These look so cute!

    Lovely blog!



  5. I LOVE Lush! Actually, if you want to check it out I have a Lush bath box giveaway going on over on my blog at the moment if you're interested?


  6. Those bubble bars are just too cute!!! I think I now have an idea on what to give my friends on Christmas! Glad to see this post!


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