5 December 2010

Ragdale Hall Health Hydro & Thermal Spa

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to visit Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa. Located in the rolling Leicestershire countryside, Ragdale Hall combines state-of-the-art facilities with the charm of traditional Victorian architecture to create a luxurious and relaxing health spa. 

Recently voted Best Spa in Europe, I was expecting to be impressed when I visited Ragdale and I wasn't disappointed. The grounds are absolutely beautiful... 
I had a bit of time to spare before my first treatment so I had a wander around the thermal spa.

As well as the main pool...
 ...the thermal spa features an indoor/outdoor waterfall pool...
...a Volcanic Salt Bath...
...a Candle pool...
...as well as a Thought Zone, Colourflow Cave, Scented Room, Rose Sauna, Cave Shower and Experience Showers (with options such as thunderstorm, waterfall or light rain-complete with sound effects!) It was fun popping into each room to discover what delights were in store. After exploring the thermal spa for a while, it was then time for my treatments...

Clarins Signature Massage - 70 mins - £70

After meeting the beauty therapist, we discussed whether I'd prefer a 'Chill Out' or 'Wake Up' massage and whether there were any areas of my body which were particularly tense. She took time to explain which oils she'd be using along with their benefits and which areas of the body she'd focus on first. The slow and relaxing massage definitely melted away any tension and left me feeing very chilled out and a snoozy.  

Banana, Papaya and Strawberry Body Polish - 40 mins - £49

This treatment sounded so delicious I couldn't resist choosing it! Designed to smooth and hydrate the skin, the fresh ingredients were warmed and applied to my body, with each section being wrapped afterwards. When I was completely covered, I was suspended in the warm cocoon of the dry flotation. As I was being immersed I did suddenly wonder if I'd feel horribly claustrophobic being unable to move my body and covered in a blanket of water, but I went with it and found it very relaxing.

Whilst in dry floatation, I had a scalp massage using a sumptuous blend of essential oils. After washing off the body polish, the treatment concluded with an application of soothing Shea butter moisturiser. The beauty therapist advised I leave the oil on my hair for at least half an hour to allow the oils to penetrate. The only problem was, she didn't advise me how to get the oil out of my hair, and so I had to turn to Twitter for advice as three hair washes later, I still had oily locks.

Both the treatment rooms had lovely luxurious decor so it felt like a real treat. Even the bathrooms were a delight to visit with their lovely wallpaper and furniture. I had a really enjoyable day and it was a perfect setting to take time out and unwind. Whether you are looking for some pampering, a romantic weekend away or a fun day out with your girlfriends, Ragdale Hall is the perfect destination.

Spa Day packages range from £69.00 to £179.00
For more information, visit www.ragdalehall.co.uk


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