21 March 2010

Sekonda Watch: The Chanel J12 Replica

A few of you may have already seen the Chanel J12 watch, which seems to be very popular with both celebrities and us regular folk. I have no idea what the cost is but I know it would be a price I wouldn't be willing (or able!) to pay.

I saw this Sekonda watch from Argos (below) and thought it looked like a great replica of the Chanel J12. As you can see they're not too dissimilar. And best of all it only cost £19.99.

I had to have quite a few links taken out as the wrist band was huge. I always wish the shop would do this for free. It only takes a couple of minutes and it seems silly to pay for a watch and then have to pay extra because I need fewer links than they provide. But it's worth haggling, girls. The watch man in the market tried to charge me £10 to take the links out (how ridiculous!) but I said no and told him I'd pay £3, which he accepted, hoorah!

So I'm very happy with my watch bargain! There's always great replica's to be found so until I can afford designer prices I'll be buying these as an alternative.

20 March 2010

Hair Dye: L'Oreal Excell 10

I've dabbled with quite a few hair dyes over the years. In my late teens I developed a penchant for purple hair (why?!), then I got into reds and auburn's. Now I've realised I prefer just being a basic brunette.

The problem I have with my hair is that with time and increased sun exposure, my hair turns a wishy-washy gingery colour. I've experimented with a few darker shades in the past and they made my hair appear black so I was cautious when trying to dye my hair just a couple of shade lighter. I've now found the perfect shade after years of searching. Introducing L'Oreals Excell 10 in Spiced Chocolate...

This shade transforms my hair colour from this...

to this...

The perfect brunette shade for me; a deep brown that still has red, blonde and copper tones when in the sunlight. The comb makes it quick and easy to apply, the whole process is done in a jiffy! Usually I get someone to help me dye my hair, but the comb makes it so simple I can do it myself. The deep conditioner that comes with the dye smells amazing and leaves my hair so incredibly soft, I've never felt anything like it! It's a good size too so there's enough product for an intensive treat for your hair every few washes. I also find that after dyeing my hair it feels thicker and looks more shiny, bonus!

Do you dye your hair yourself? What's your favourite brand?

13 March 2010

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge - Powder Pink

I was delighted when around Christmas time I was offered the opportunity to try some Bobbi Brown products. Since discovering the beauty community, Bobbi Brown became a brand I was keen to try due to the numerous recommendations I'd heard, not only from beauty enthusiasts but also professional makeup artists. However, being a student at the time meant it was out of my reach financially.

As I was new to the Bobbi Brown brand I spent a lot of time reading reviews on Makeup Alley and asking around for recommendations. In the end I selected Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge, a product for both cheeks and lips that seemed to be very popular. The colour Powder Pink appealed to me most, a light pretty pink that looked like the perfect colour for the cheeks.

I found this was best applied with my Mac 187 brush, starting on the apple of the cheek and stippling out towards the hairline. Using this brush for application not only made it a breeze to blend but also created a flawless, professional finish. I did attempt using my fingers but I found the product a little too sticky to blend evenly.
Here it is in use...

The colour is lovely and gives a natural flush to the cheeks that lasts all day. I did also try it on my lips but I found the colour a little too dark compared to my preferred tones, although I can imagine it's a great product to have around when you don't want to lug around more than you need to. Overall I've been very impressed and now use this in my daily makeup routine.

Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouges are priced at £16.50 and available here or in your nearest store.

Have you tried the Pot Rouge's? What do you think of them?

7 March 2010

Revlon Fantasy Lashes

Back around Christmas time I was kindly sent a variety of Revlon false eyelashes to try. One pair in particular stood out for me and they're now my favourite false lashes.

Here are Revlon's Fantasy Lengths in 'Lush'

I think they look identical to
these Shu Uemura eyelashes below which are priced at a steep £15.00...

I loved how the individual pieces gave me control over the thickness and volume of the lashes. Having individual pieces also eradicated the problem of needing to trim the lashes to fit each individuals eye size. I found I only needed to use 3 pieces on each eye to create a defined, pretty eye.

What I loved most was that these created a full, fluttery look that looked more natural than other false lashes I've tried. Often I find false eyelashes are just far too long and sparse. These were just a touch longer than my own lashes so the focus was on adding fullness. So I use these in the same way I do clip-in hair extensions, to add volume rather than length.

I've used these eyelashes around six times now and they're still as good as new. The glue holds well but is also easy to peel off after use.

Revlon Fantasy Lashes are available at Asda, Boots for around £5.99 but they're also available
here, starting from just £2.45. However, I've been searching for this particular pair for a while now and can't seem to find them anywhere. So I'm desperately hanging on to these and hoping they last!

Which brand do you rely on to give the perfect eyelashes?