Thursday, 20 January 2011

17 Spring Vintage Love Collection 2011

When this press release popped into my email box last night I was oohing and aahing over the images I was seeing. I don't usually post about new collections but 17's new Vinatge Love collection was just too delightful not to share. The limited edition collection is made up of a selection of romantic pastel shades, perfect to give you a soft and subtle spring look and capture the whimsical spirit of the new season. It's time to banish dark winter shades and experiment with a fresh, feminine and flirty new look. 

17 Vintage Love Eye Palettes, £5.49, in Metallic Nude and Pretty Pastels. 
Available from 28 January 2011

I adore the girly, vintage style packaging of these eyeshadow palettes, definitely the prettiest I've seen! As for the different colours, I'm lusting after the Metallic Nude palette despite already having similar shades. I love neutral, copper and brown shades for the eyes, they're very versatile and can be used for a subtle or dramatic look. However, I am tempted to venture out of my comfort zone and try out pastels for a change, who knows, I might love it!

Va Va Voom Plumping Lipgloss - price TBC
I love the look of each of these colours. Every lip gloss collection needs a nude, a coral and a pale pink shade!

 17 Vintage Love Nail Colours, £2.99. 
L-R: Woo Me, Forever, Sweet Kisses, Chaperone
Available from 28 January 2011. 

I'm a big fan of 17's nail polishes already and these pretty pastel shades are just what I'm after to add to my collection. I love sorbet colour nail polishes, especially with a tan to set them off!

Photo Flawless Primer, 8ml, £4.99 
Photo Flawless Foundation, 30ml, £6.49 
Photo Flawless Mascara, 9ml, £4.99 
Available from 28 January 2011

I love the packaging of these products, they look very Hollywood to me. The foundation and primer sound promising so I'm keen to give them a try.

I've been pleasantly surprised with these new releases from 17. They seem to have come a long way from how I remembered the brand, which was very basic, cheap looking packaging. They seem to have re-vamped their image and I'm loving it! Look out for reviews on these products soon.

17 Photo Flawless Foundation and Primer from 28th January 20011 from Boots stores or go online at


  1. oh these are so cute, im such a sucker for pretty packaging! even if its the same old product inside ha. Really nice blog. x

  2. love the look of the palettes..and the primer..and the foundation! good job i've got lots of advantage points to spend :) xx

  3. The eyeshadows look gorgeous. I'm definitely going to purchase the primer to try out too. x

  4. I love the eyeshadow packaging its so pretty :) Love the nail varnish shades as well, going to have to buy some, they always do really nice colours.
    Roll on spring/summer :)


  5. These look SO pretty! I'm going to have to pick up those nail polishes & the palettes, I'm a sucker for pastels! xo

  6. I'm loving everything here, I'll probably give the nail varnish a miss though but I want everything else, mainly due to the packaging. lol. Thank you for doing this post, I wouldn't have even know if not for this. Though should I now me hating you as I'm trying to save. hmmmm :) x

  7. Wow. This range looks amazing and the packaging is so cute. I can't wait for it to be in stores! Will def be getting the eyeshadow palettes.
    Great post.

  8. These look pretty, I hope they do a blusher as I need a new one and this packaging is alot nicer :)

  9. Definitely going to pick up the "perfect pastels" shadows!

  10. ooh i want all the nail polishes!X

  11. I love the look of the eye palettes, really lovely design! Great post :) xx

  12. The palettes look a bit cheap..I think it would have been better if they'd stuck to their original design as they don't look as cheap as these. HOWEVER, I'm more than happy that they've got a's about time we had a High Street primer that didn't cost as much as a high end primer.

  13. The eyeshadow palettes look very pretty. Can't wait for spring!

  14. These are so pretty, there're available from today, I want both! x


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