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19 January 2011

Estee Lauder Crystal Baby Lipstick

I had to dedicate a blog post to a product I have become quite obsessed with. Estée Lauder's Crystal Baby lipstick is my dream lipstick come true. I cannot say enough good things about this lipstick, it is my all time favourite. It smells good. It looks good. It makes me happy. 

I've tried various shades of pink lipsticks over the years and for some reason or another I've never liked them. Then I tried Estée Lauder's Crystal Baby lipstick and I was wowed by how much I loved it. It is just the most lovely, flattering soft pink I have ever come across. The perfect shade of pink; pale yet delicate and romantic all the same. 

Not only is the colour perfection, I adore the formulation of this lipstick. Soft and creamy, it glides onto the lips, leaving a beautiful gloss of colour. This lipstick gives a slight sheen and almost a balm-like finish which I love. No dry, matte lips in sight. 

To top it all off, the packaging is lovely and luxurious - a lipstick you'd be happy to parade in public.

I attempted a close-up lips shot but my camera wasn't having any of it and I think you get a better idea of the colour if you can see it in relation to the rest of the face so here it is from a recent FOTD...

The price is steep for a lipstick, but when a product is this fantastic I'm quite happy to hand the money over. I feel the beginning of an Estée Lauder love affair coming on. I have yet to try a product that I haven't loved and I'm excited to try more.

Which are your favourite Estée Lauder lipstick shades?

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  1. You definitely have tempted me to purchase this, not that I need any more pink lipsticks, but still, can a girl ever have too many?x

  2. Vanilla Truffle from Estee Lauder is my fave from them, a perfect nude! x

  3. what a gorgeous lippie you have there! looks great on you!

  4. That looks amazing on you. im deffinitely going to be paying this a little vist come pay day

  5. This looks amazing on you!!
    Love it..very tempted to splurg...

  6. tempted by this lipstick, there are so many pink lipsticks out there but hard to find the "one"

  7. I'm falling a bit in love with estee lauder too! This looks lovely! I usually stick to Chanel lippies, but I think i'll give one of these a go!

  8. I've got this lipstick too and LOVE it!!!!!
    xoxo Roz

  9. I'm yet to try this one, I have Pink Sand by Estee Lauder and fell in love with the texture and smell of that one too! The colour looks lovely on you xx

  10. The colour really suits you and the packaging is beautiful! x

  11. i LOVE estee lauder products!
    after seeing your eyelashes here and reading your review below you've tempted me into putting rapidlash on my wishlist! x

  12. @Laura-Vanilla Truffle is a favourite of mine too, I've actually just drafted a post to declare my love for that one too! x

  13. Hi Amy, I just awared you the stlyish blogger award, sorry if you have already received it, please go to my blog to see.. thank you.

  14. This is one of my favourite lipsticks!! It's so pretty x

  15. gosh your eyelashes look fab!

    are you using falsies? if so, what brand and style are they?


  16. @z - Thank you! Yes, wearing falsies, I did a review of them here: x

  17. OMG you look the spitting image of natalyaFGM in the pic here hun.

  18. OMG! Very beautiful colour. I want this one! <3
    Thank you

  19. Annelize15 May, 2012

    I also adore this lipstick. What blush are you wearing here?

    1. It was MAC Ladyblush, there's more info about the makeup I used here:

  20. Anonymous26 July, 2014

    I love this lipstick. And really like the way you described it. But Estee Lauder discontinued Baby Pink.
    Would you recommend another product similar to this please?
    Thank you!


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