25 January 2011

Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle Lipstick

Estée Lauder has done it again. Here I am gushing about another product from their range. I'd heard a lot about Estée Lauder's Vanilla Truffle lipstick so I had to try it for myself. The name alone sounds too scrumptious to resist. Despite the lovely name, I wasn't expecting to like this lipstick as nudes have always left me disappointed and pondering why everyone else seemed to love them so much when they did nothing for me. But surprisingly, I was smitten. The first nude lipstick to ever suit me. Estée Lauder manages the feat of taking shades that I always thought hadn't suited me and transforming them into gems I can't live without.
With the same lovely formulation and packaging as Estée Lauder's Crystal Baby, Vanilla Truffle is a beautiful nude that has just the right amount of pink to avoid the deathly look.

This is now a staple in my makeup bag along with Estée Lauder's Crystal Baby. So whether you are a nude lipstick fanatic or a nude-newbie, I recommend trying this shade. 

I now have my eye on Estée Lauder's Pure Colour Gloss Sticks, they look divine!


  1. Love the colour on you, looks stunning! xx

  2. What a pretty shade! I agree with Stephx; it looks fantastic on you!

    I wore Crystal Rose on my wedding day. <3 I wish I had a tube right now!


  3. This colour looks gorgeous on you.

  4. I love the colour, gorgeous lipstick!

  5. My first high end lipstick was from Estee Lauder. The same packaging and the color looks very similiar to yours. It was Rose Tea. Memories awake!


  6. This colour looks really nice! I don't really suit nudes but I think I'll take a look at this one! :D x

  7. Love, Love, It! It looks very good on you! I love a good nude lip color!
    Great blog! Totally following!

  8. What a gorgeous colour! After seeing it on you I might have to pick one up for myself ♥

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    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss

  10. love this colour , looks good enough to eat !
    and suits you really well!
    oh and could you let me know where you bought it from please ? x
    thank you
    mantenso xx

  11. Will need to have a look at this one - always on the hunt!
    Would love if you could follow me back =



  12. The makeup is lovely and your dress looks fantastic. There's something very "Princess Mary of Danemark" about you (which is a compliment in my mind).


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