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4 January 2011

Looking Back & Going Forward

It seems just like yesterday I wrote last year's Looking Back & Going Forward. This year seems to have passed more quickly than any other and I fear as I get older, time passes faster. Here's a little summary of the past year and my hopes for the year ahead...

What happened in 2010...

♥ I had my first real job
♥ I experimented with ombre hair
♥ I joined the organ donation register
♥ My fiancĂ© and I bought our dream house and made it a home
 ♥ My brother got engaged on Christmas Eve (congratulations James and Rachael!)
♥ I discovered I was going to become an aunty for the first time (he's due next month, so exciting!)
♥ My fiancĂ© and I planned a romantic, shabby chic inspired wedding. Everything is coming along nicely and I feel we're at a place where we know how everything will look and feel on the day, it's just a matter of finalising everything!

My plans for 2011...

♥ Learn to drive
I've wanted to drive for so long, but it's so expensive I've had to wait. It has to happen this year!

♥ Get a job I love
I'm not sure how likely this is, but I have hope.

♥ Get my teeth straightened
My lower teeth seem to get more crooked every day. I have my sights set on the 6 Month Smile clear brace, it's just a matter of when.

♥ Get married!
Despite getting engaged all the way back in August 2009, the time has just flown by and now there's less than 8 months until the big day! I'm already having sleepless nights with excitement so I don't know how I'll cope as the day draws closer!

What are your hopes for 2011?


  1. You have to start the driving lessons, i only learnt properly a year ago at the age of 23 and now i couldn't live without my car and the freedom it gives you. I like your hopes list for 2011, i've done a wish list - you only end up breaking resolutions xx

  2. Good luck with everything! I hope you have a wonderful 2011 =-] xxx

  3. a shabby chic wedding sounds amazing, hope the day goes perfect and be sure to post some photos!

    love the image as well ♥♥

  4. Your wedding sounds so lovely, I hope all the planning has been more exciting than stressful for you. Good luck with the resolutions, I wish I could have a job I loved too but I'm tied into mine for at least another 2 years so hope you have better luck!xx

  5. A shabby chic wedding sounds wonderful! Hope you have a good year :) And congrats for your brother and his fiance!

  6. Hi Amy! Long time lurker, first time poster :P Great minds must think alike as I've just posted my own 2010/2011 post over at my blog ( Sounds like you'll be having a busy 2011 what with the wedding to plan and a new nephew/niece to spoil! Here's hoping it's an amazing year for you :)

  7. Hi Amy!
    Love your blog :)
    Good luck, I hope you achieve all of your resolutions this year.
    Mine is to read one positive affirmation each day (learning to be kinder to myself) xxx

  8. I had the six month smiles procedure done on my top teeth for my wedding last year - it's an amazing system and I was done within 4 months. :)


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