21 January 2011

Nailene 200 Full Cover Nails Kit - Active Square

I've tried various false nails over the years and I've found that although I loved how they looked, the French manicure always chipped and wore off quickly so they needed to be removed. It had never occurred to me to try plain false nails instead of French nails but whilst browsing the nails in Boots one day, I spotted Nailene's 200 Full Cover Nails and saw the solution to my problem. 

The kit contains 200 undecorated, full cover glue on nails in 12 different sizes along with a nail buffer/file and nail glue.
 Left: Freshly glued nails         
Right: Nails once painted

I love the uniform look these give my nails. They're the ideal length for me; short enough not to inhibit but long enough to look glamorous. These nails are a dream to polish. I discovered nail polish applies a lot better and more easily to false nails and lasts longer too. To my amazement, I didn't have any chipping of the colour what so ever, just perfect nails until I chose to remove them. 

The glue is amazing. I've had nails in the past which have popped off within a few days. These held strong for a good 10-12 days before a couple fell off. I could have glued them back on, but they had lasted so long my own nails had begun to grow out so I removed them all and re-applied a new set. 

My nails didn't look in too bad condition after these had been removed. In the past my nails have been subject to some major tearing and breaking as a result of false nails, but there was minor damage with Nailene's Full Cover nails so I felt happy to re-apply a fresh set shortly afterwards.

These are by far the most natural false nails I've ever worn. It may be due to their length or the way they're designed to have a strong tip and a flexible base, but they were so comfortable to wear and felt completely natural, as if they were my own. 

The Nailene 200 Full Cover Nails Kit retails for around £8.00. I've tried to find them online to no avail so it's best just to have a wonder around your local Boots and Superdrug to see if they're available.


  1. i got these nails just before christmas and are the first diy nails ive tried. i loved how easily they were to apply and the finish they give! they look lovely on you too =) xx

  2. I love nailene nails, although I cant seem to find this particular pack anywhere! x

  3. Great post! I wear the Kiss nails all the time that are just like these but i've never tried the Nailene ones. Varnish does last much longer on false nails :o)

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  4. Thanks for this review. I wasn't sure whether I should buy them or not but now I know :D

  5. What nail color did you use? i love it!

  6. I was looking for reviews on these nails before I bought them as I've never used false nails before but my own nails are just horrible! (Also hoping false nails might encourage them to grow a bit as I won't be able to get at them..)
    Just thought I'd say for anyone that's interested you can get these packs on E-Bay for half the price of Boots; I've just bought mine from here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NAILENE-200-FULL-COVER-NAILS-SQUARE-3G-GLUE-71230-/150675104744?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Nails_Manicure_Pedicure_CA&hash=item2314efa3e8#ht_500wt_1054 for £3.90!


  7. I bought these from asda yesterday for £8, and wouldnt have if it wasn't for your review, so thanks. :) they are very easy and quick to apply, fit perfectly and very strong glue! Not looking forward to trying to get these off though... But we'll see what happens! :L


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