25 May 2011

Nair Silky Sensations

I haven't experimented with hair removal cream since I was a teenager so when I was offered Silky Sensations, the latest hair removal product from Nair, I was keen to try them after an eight year interval and see how things have changed. 

Cream should really be my hair removal method of choice as I suffer from keratosis pilaris, (those annoying bumps you can get on your skin.) Whilst shaving from ankle to knee bares no problems, shaving my lower thighs aggravates the small bumps I have and makes them more prominent, not to mention painful and red. Hair removal cream seemed like the perfect solution to this problem. 

Available in Sensitive and Normal formulas, the candy stripes make the cream look very appealing and I mistook them for body moisturisers when I first saw them. With Pomegranate and Kiwi labelled on the packaging, it all sounded very promising. Application is simple; apply to skin, leave for 3 minutes and remove with a wash cloth. I was so hoping to smell the delights of fruit when I used this cream, but unfortunately, it smells how all hair removal creams smell - strong and chemical.
Smell aside, the cream performs amazingly well. Silky Sensations is a very apt name for this product. My legs were left so incredibly soft and smooth I couldn't quite believe it! It's also an effortless way of removing hair, it makes me ponder why I ever bothered with shaving which is such a laborious task - especially if you have long legs. Better yet, my skin wasn't irritated (and I didn't even use the Sensitive version) and it's hard to miss any hair as you can clearly see where you've applied the cream. Overall, I've been won over! I'll be ditching my razor in favour of creams from here on in.

Nair Silky Sensations Hair Removal Cream is available exclusively at Boots and retails at £6.99 for 200ml


  1. Hey lovely,

    Great post, I too suffer with keratosis pilaris and was wondering if you have found anything that works for you?


  2. I hate the smell of hair removal creams but I can look past that if they actually work and not just irritate my skin. These look promising! I'll have to check them out.

  3. hello :) I was wondering, in the upper left corner the pic of the shows and the telephone, are those yours? I'd love to know where you got the telephone! I'm redoing my room and I love it haha

    follow me? :)

  4. @Laura - I have a few trusted products I use to battle the KP, I've scheduled a post for Saturday which goes into more detail, hope it helps!

    @Amy - Yep, the smell is awful but it's worth it for the result!

    @Elizabeth - Hi, the picture isn't my own but the telephone is called a Princess Phone. They're available in pink, cream and blue - lovely aren't they!

  5. These look like they would smell sugar sweet! Love the retro packaging xx

  6. i havent tried hair removal creams since i was a young teen (Still too scarred by the smell. Gag!) but I've seen alot of new products promising lovely scents but I'm a bit dissappointed that these didn't smell any different from the old smell xx

  7. I've always been afraid to use Nair products for some reason. I've always wanted to try them, but I could never do it. I'd love to ditch my razor too!

    xo katie elizabeth

  8. I've never seen or heard of this stuff before, but if it does away with shaving I'm all for it!

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