24 July 2011

Lip Service

Lip balm is one of life's little beauty essentials. Whether it's winter or summer, there always seems to be a reason for dry or chapped lips in need of some moisture and a bit of TLC. Blistex is one of my favourite brands for lip care, their products are affordable and most importantly they do what they claim to. They have a variety of products suited to different to purposes, so there really is no excuse not to have perfectly soft lips!
Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner
The Daily Lip Conditioner replenishes moisture so I apply it each night before bed so I wake up with soft lips. It contains aloe vera, vitamin E and collagen so it's the ultimate overnight treat. It's also great for giving a smooth base before applying lipstick and as it has an SPF 15, your lips are protected too. It has a delicious scent too - my fiancĂ© always asks what smells nice after I've applied it!

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser
If you have dry, chapped, irritated or sore lips, this one is for you. I listed this as one of my holiday essentials as it contains SPF and it's ideal for sorting out troublesome lips after a day in the sun and sea. The lip cream penetrates lips with the Shea butter and olive oil formula, leaving lips refreshed, tingling and noticeably hydrated.

Blistex Lip Massage
This is my go-to lip balm for use throughout the day as my lips can become quite dry and flaky. This softening lip treatment has a unique applicator with pliable ridges which gently massage away rough spots without irritation. With Shea butter, aloe vera and SPF 10 this balm gives smooth, soft lips.

Blistex Relief Cream
The most intensive of the four, Blistex Relief Cream is the medicated option for those with seriously cracked, chapped or sore lips. The healing formula of soft paraffin and lanolin relieve and soften the lips whilst giving a cooling, analgesic effect.

Which Blistex products have you tried?


  1. I love the intensive moisturiser, i have repurchased that one many times but i really want to try the lip massage and the daily lip conditioner now because you've made them sound soo good x


  2. I have all of these. I think I am a tad obsessed with lip stuff. I have over 19 chapsticks. Bit unhealthy I think. Anyhow my favourite is the relief cream, it is just amazing. I usually put it on before I go to bed, and when I wake up after 8 hours, I can still feel it on my lips! It's my saviour during winter! Lovely post :)

  3. I'm on Roaccutane atm, which has left my lips is a terrible condition - dry, cracked, even bleeding. yuk. So, I'm using the Relief Cream, however I'm thinking of purchasing all of these that you mentioned

  4. I love those products! I was in the UK last November and it was freezing so I bought the intensive moisturizer because I had cracked lips. I loved it! Unfortunately we don't have them here in Malta :(


  5. i am such a lip balm girl. i havent tried many blistex products as i dont like the taste.

  6. there's an award waiting for you on my blog =D take a look at it.

  7. i love using burts bees with honey.. its amazing!

  8. Great post! :) Fancy trying some of these x

  9. The relief cream saved my life [no understatement!] a few years back,

    I've always had incredibly severe eczema, especially on my face during the summer, and when I was about 14 the eczema somehow started affecting my lips [gross, i know] and I tried all sorts of medicated ointments etc. but they all just burned the cracked and bleeding parts of my lips, one use of the blistex cream and it started improving immediately,
    I always reach for it when the eczema starts showing up now! xx

  10. I've tried the intensive one and loved it, years ago! Intrigued to try the massage one xx

  11. I love the Lip Massage one, and the Relief Cream.
    The Relief Cream is a staple for me in the winter especially!

    R. x - Beauty She Writes

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  13. I love the Lip Massage one, and the Relief Cream.
    The Relief Cream is a staple for me in the winter especially!softlips

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  18. I have tried all four of those at one time or another but the ones I own at the moment are the Intensive Moisture and the Relief Cream. I didn't get along with the Lip Massage as it just felt too waxy for my tastes.

    I have almost always had one of the Reliefs on me as it's my 'go to' solution when I get cracked lips, especially in the height of Summer or peak Winter. I use the other more as daily product.


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