27 July 2011

Summer Shopping Collective Haul

I've been doing a spot of shopping over the last month or so, adding to my summer wardrobe which was in dire need of a revamp. Sadly, some of the things I've bought I haven't yet had chance to wear due to the awful and unpredictable weather here in the UK, but at least I'll get some wear from them on our honeymoon next month!

Topshop Zip Back Vests - £28
Vests are something of a wardrobe essential. They go with everything and can be styled for a smart or casual outfit. I did think £28 was a lot for a vest, but with the glowing reviews on the Topshop website and the zip detail at the back, I couldn't resist. I was impressed when they were delivered - the fabric feels luxurious and they drape so beautifully I felt the cost was justified. I love the shade of this one - neutral with a tiny hint of pink.
I am guilty of having a neutral wardrobe - my justification is that neutrals will go with everything. I wanted to inject some colour into my clothing so the coral version of the vest was prefect. The only problem was when it arrived I found I'd ordered a petite vest instead so that will need exchanging - no good for someone who is 5'9!
River Island Asymmetric Vest - £25
Another bright addition to my wardrobe, this asymmetric vest called out to me when I was browsing the store. It'll look good with little denim shorts (or jeans) and sandals and the colour is perfect to offset a tan.
Topshop Asymmetric Blouse - £38
 I love this blouse, the draping of the fabric makes it look elegant and the mushroom colour has a hint of mauve. I'll be pairing this with skinny jeans, wedges, a long gold necklace and big sunnies. 
H&M Jumper
I spotted this jumper on a mannequin in the window and it had to be mine. Slouchy and snuggly yet stylish too, this will be paired with some skinnies and high heels for a comfortable and casual look.

Topshop Cotton Tier Tee - £32
I bought this after reading a review on Topshop which said it looked perfect with chinos. It's light and airy and the tiers along with the tiny sleeves add a little interest to a basic top.

ASOS Shorts
 These navy shorts are a classic item which will look perfect with a vest or sheer blouse tucked in. I'm sure I'll be wearing these a lot on our honeymoon, either with sandals or wedges. I love the belt that came with them too.

New Look Shorts
 I spotted these on a shop mannequin and instantly loved them. The colour is vibrant and summery and the little bow adds a touch of cuteness.

ASOS Cream Belted Dress - £40
I adore this dress, it's so feminine and the shape is very flattering for my figure. The slight flare glides over my hips whilst the belt nips in my waist and the rounded neckline shows just the right amount of chest.
Motel Gina Dress - £42
I love long sleeved mini dresses so I had to add this to my collection. I like how navy looks on brunettes and with the embroidered detail on the sleeves and neck, it's a simple design with a dash of added detail. 

River Island Playsuit
I picture wearing this for strolls down the beach whilst the sun sets on our honeymoon. It's whimsical and soft with splashes of colour which gives off a beachy feel.
Miss Selfridge Playsuit - £40
 I picture wearing this with wedges (again!) and big, wavy hair.

Topshop Ecru Pippa Pleat Belted Trousers - £42
 I wanted to get out of the skinny jean rut I'm in so I thought chinos were the way to go. They look chic and stylish and I thought they would look more flattering on me than skinnies which make my legs look endlessly long. (Not always a good thing!)

Topshop Tall Cally High Waist Chino - £38
 As a safety option, I also bought these darker chinos from the tall section. I actually think they are a better colour than the ones above as I can wear them with lighter coloured tops.

Any advice on what tops and shoes to wear with chinos?


  1. wszystko jest nieziemskie! :)
    Spodnie są moim marzeniem, jak ostatnio znalazłam czarne na wyprzedaży okazały się za duże :(
    bluzki z zamkiem, cudowne! :)

  2. Wow, I love everything you bought! The playsuit from Miss Selfridge is especially gorgeous xx

  3. Perfect holiday purchases! I love the River Island playsuit, so gorgeous. x

  4. Love the first top..lovely shade! x


  5. Plain white vest top with chinos? and white vans or something casual.

    Love the outfits though! Must've been expensiveeeee

  6. great haul, i love everything! i think a plain white vest top and some tan heels with a tan bag would look good with the chinos, especially the darker pair!xo

  7. I wish I could go on huuge hauls! Love your style - the cream belted dress is perfect

  8. I want a huge summer haul now :)

    I do like those topshop vests very much actually :)


  9. I have the ASOS shorts too, I love them! The vests from Topshop look nice and I love the Miss Selfridge playsuit, it's gorgeous! xxx

  10. LOVE those pink bow shorts!!
    Krissy xoxo


  11. interesting haul! :D
    i luuuurve both the shorts :)


  12. Wow great haul, i love all your new items! :) xx

  13. I have that Miss Selfridge playsuit! So flattering and easy to wear - though I need a top under it cause it's so low on me cause I'm at the opposite end of the height scale from you!

    Adore the zip detail on the vest tops and the navy and cream dresses are stunning <3

    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  14. Great picks that you have. Sounds like you are going to have an amazing time.


  15. I love the ASOS dress :) I have it aswell and it really does look amazing on! It would be nice if you include some of these pieces in you OOTD's :)

    Hope you have a lovely honeymoon! xxxx

  16. I like everything you bought! Really cute pieces! ^_^

  17. Everything is super cute and pretty! Thanks for sharing with us : )


  18. You have such good taste in clothes. I love the nude vest and cream asos dress! x

  19. I'm guilting of having a neutral wardrobe as well! However, yours is still girlier than mine: all I wear is black, white and grey! haha I have some hard time adding color to my clothes, I'm not sure why!
    I think flats with some crystals on them would look cute with the chinos! And also, depending on the length of the trouser, heels would look great! xx

  20. PS just letting you know, i nominated you for the one lovely blog award!xo

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  22. LOVE the blog! it is so interesting and inspirational, good job with the posts! i look forward to reading even more! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love for you to tell me your opinions on it! it would really mean a lot! :)

    follow me?



  24. wow! lovely pieces :) especially love all the drapey tops. http://openboxjewels.blogspot.com/ x

  25. I love everything you got in Topshop!

  26. Great picks <3 i love them all!

    And by the way...your blog is super cute and chic :)

    sparkle from http://wwwiiiuuu.blogspot.com/

  27. You have a really Cool blog, I'm a new follower :)


  28. oh my goodness! i'm absolutely in love with all those items... lets share closets darling, shall we?

  29. I love the high wasted chinos!!! ;)

  30. I have that cream colored asos dress. I abs love it and I got the petite version and it fits me so well!

  31. Perfect holiday purchases! I love the River Island playsuit, so gorgeous. x


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