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19 August 2011

What's In My Wedding Bag?

With the wedding now so close I'm organising the smaller details and preparing my little bag for the day. I wanted something sparkly so when I spotted this bag in Accessorize it was perfect for the occasion and I thought it was reasonably priced at £30. 
Elnett Hairspray
 My hair drops curls and volume quickly so my back-up plan is to take a can of mini hairspray in case I need it.

LED Compact Mirror
With all the photo's that will be taken, a mirror is a must-have to check makeup and ensure there's no lipstick lurking on the teeth or flaky mascara!

Cath Kidston Tissues
 I thought it wise to come prepared. Whether it be for tears or a runny nose if my hay fever strikes, my pretty tissues will be at the ready.

Hello Kitty Mints
With all the guests I'll be greeting I want to be minty fresh but nobody wants to see a bride chewing gum. This tin contains discreet little mints which dissolve quickly.

Bloom Blotting Tissue
I suffer from an oily nose, so these will be essential to keep it shine free throughout the day. I love the cute little packaging and the pastel pink blotting sheets which are lightly fragranced.

Other bits and bobs I'll be taking...

Daisy Purse Spray 
For touch ups throughout the day to keep me smelling beautiful.

Backcombing Brush
If my hair needs a little added oomph during the evening I will have my brush at hand for some va va voom hair.

Eyeliner, lipstick, lipgloss, powder, blush - all the little essentials for touch ups.


  1. I love the bag and all the cute little things you're taking. Hope you have an amazing wedding, sounds like its going to be lovely. A blog post on your wedding make up would be nice :) xxx

  2. I love the bag its gorgeous! I love organised it is, hope you have a great day, can't wait to hear more! xxx

  3. The bag is lovely! I love the colour of the LED compact mirror :) Have a fantastic wedding, I can't wait to hear more!

  4. the bag is so sparkly and perfect! have a fantastic wedding day!

  5. Gorgeous bag! This sounds so exciting!

  6. I love the bag! So sparkly. Such a good idea to have blotting papers, I suffer from the oiliness too! x

  7. The bag is so pretty :) Love sparkly things 2 :)

  8. Love everything, Have a brilliant day and congratulations! xxx

  9. Beautiful bag! Have a fantastic wedding day hun :) xo

  10. I love your bag :) I hope you have a lovely day and fingers crossed for nice weather! xx

  11. I love your sparkly bag! cannot wait to see your photos I am sure you're going to make a gorgeous bride :)
    I also love the cute packaging for the items in your purse!

    Have a beautiful wedding :) xx

  12. This is lovely! What an adorable bag!
    I love the blotting papers, I use them too as I also suffer from an 'oily nose'! hahaha
    Have a wonderful day!

  13. the perfect essentials in such a compact bag!
    love the clutch, its gorgeous!
    Krissy xoxo

  14. Beautiful bag and such perfect essentials.
    Have a amazing day and i hope you post some pictures, so we can see the dress etc.

  15. Great essentials for the day :)and love the purse.

    Hope you have the best day of your life :))

    Fee x

  16. ive been a fan of your blog fror absolutely ages, so i hope it is a little bit okay how excited i am for you :L xx

  17. I hope you have a fabulous day my love xx

  18. great post! hope it was a fantastic day!

  19. Everything is so pretty! Thanks for the amazing blog post : ) xxxx

  20. This bag is gorgeous - hope you have an amazing day!!

  21. I hope your day is as perfect as can be!

  22. Great stuff how excitingg!! Congrats


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