20 September 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless

New from Illamasqua this A/W is their Theatre of the Nameless collection, a potent mixture of decadence and decay that takes Illamasqua back to it's dark roots, evoking images of 1920's Berlin and ladies of the night.

Pure Pigment in Beguile - £15.50
Theatre of the Nameless sees a new product release with their Pure Pigments. This metallic, high shine pure colour powder highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. I love how intensely pigmented and sparkly Beguile is, when I first swatched it I was reminded of fairy dust. The pigment is finely milled so there won't be any grittiness when you apply this to your skin. The photo's below illustrate the product heavily applied, although with a lighter hand the dazzle is less full on and more subtle.

Shimmer Blusher in Morale - £16.50
Upon first look I was a little scared by this blusher. A vivid mauve with added sparkle, on first impressions I thought it would be a little garish. However, the shimmer is subtle and translates to a gentle glow rather than full on disco ball. It actually transforms to a really pretty rose pink once applied with a hint of gold warmth.

I'm keen to try the new Cream Pigment in Androgen from this collection - a gorgeous soft coral which looks as though it would suit fair skin tones perfectly for a peaches and cream complexion.

Nail Varnish in Taint - £13.50
The Theatre of the Nameless nail varnishes give a new waxy rubber look finish to Illamasqua's hard wearing nail varnish. This is the perfect shade to see you through A/W.

Has anything from Illamaqua's Theatre of the Nameless taken your fancy?


  1. I love this collection! I was sent a few pieces yesterday, I got the same blush and nail polish as you - theyre amazing! I thought the blush would be so bright when I first opened it but it does look really lovely on.
    I have a few Illamasqua blushers which are such different colours from what I'd usually wear - sort of burnt peaches and oranges, and although I usually go for pinks, they've actually turned out to be some of my favourites! xo.

  2. I love the look of the blush! Look gorgeous! :)



  3. This colletion is fantastic! I'm wating my order!
    Enjoy it!

  4. This collection really does look so pretty - i have a feeling it's going to seriously dint my bank balance!! x

  5. Loving this collection! Great swatches! ^_^

  6. Oh wow some of those colors are gorgeous.
    MU Contest

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