Saturday, 17 September 2011

Topshop Smoke & Mirrors Collection

With the arrival of Autumn, Topshop has released their latest makeup collection, Smoke & Mirrors. The limited edition 11 piece collection offers an assortment of muted autumnal colours inspired by the high glamour of the early 70s. Think dewy sunkissed skin, sooty alluring eyes framed by black velvet bambi lashes and delicate pink lips.

Eye Palette - £12.50
I love the opulent amber packaging of the eye palette with the geometric patterns reminiscent of 1970s wallpaper. The palette contains 2 lighter highlight shades as well as a plum and smokey brown shade for a more autumnal look. I love a touch of plum to accentuate my blue eyes so this is the perfect palette to take on the go, complete with a mirror.

Lip & Eye Pencil Set - £10
The lip & eye pencil set contains a sooty black kajal pencil for soft and smokey eyes and a muted brown lip pencil. Both pencils are soft and creamy for easy application and are long lasting. The lip pencil is the perfect natural shade to pair with dramatic eyes.

Nail Polish - £6
A beautiful baby pink. It looks more mauve in the packaging but dries as a brighter pink once applied. I'll be wearing this shade this weekend for cocktails and dancing!

I'm also keen to try out the lipstick Pillow Talk from the Smoke & Mirrors collection...

Will you be purchasing anything from the new collection?


  1. I love the packaging and that nail varnish especially x

  2. I love the promo image! I'm going to have to have a look in my Topshop soon for this collection, I want the nail varnish and the lipstick you showed xx

  3. Love the packaging, apart from the lipstick its comparable to more high end x

  4. Are the eyeshadows good quality? Or are not so pigmented? Thank you

  5. I cant wait to see the eyeshadow palette in person! Looks gorgeous! xx

  6. I have the pink and yellow nail polishes and I looove them :) ♥

  7. holy moses! I'll need to harass a friendly Englander to get me these...

  8. These look beautiful, especially the palette. May have to make a purchase.
    Tiny grumble tho. That new pop ad at the bottom of your blog is an arse xx

  9. I want to try pillow talk aswell, and that palette looks gorgeous! xxx

  10. I loveee this packaging and the lipstick looks lovely! xx

  11. I brought the Glow pot the other day from this collection. I love it you should try it if you like highlighters!


  12. I'm in lve with the eye palette... But I already have a similar one. Umm, to buy or not to buy??!!


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