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9 December 2012

Life Lately

1. My mum always find the best cards, I love these little angels! 
2. A sneak peek of our Christmas tree 
3. The pretty cake which my mum made for my birthday. It was THE BEST cake I have ever tasted!
4. An Etsy purchase gorgeously gift wrapped
5. A tiny embroidery hoop imprinted with William and Noah's birth date 
6. The beautiful Tiffany necklace my husband gifted me with, I adore the dainty diamond 
7. Shabby chic cushion made by my talented mum for our home, wrapped in 'made with ♥' ribbon 
8. Hydrangeas look most lovely when they're drying out in a variety of shades
9. Enjoying the rose scented candle from my 'whats on my bedside table' post

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  1. I always love when I buy things from etsy because they are always so personal and beautifully wrapped! xx

  2. I love hydrangeas. I'm having them in my wedding bouquet! :-) The embroidery hoop is a lovely momento.

    Leanne @ xx

  3. Beautiful photos, I'm so so sorry to hear about your twins Amy, I hope that you and your husband are able to stay strong xx

  4. That necklace is beautiful as is the packaging from Etsy - one of the reasons I love shopping there. xx

  5. my husband gifted me with the same Tiffany necklace a little while ago (just in silver)... one of my fave pieces... delicate and beautiful..

  6. Lovely pictures! Can't decide which one is my favourite, they're all really pretty :) Love Hydrangeas xx

  7. Everything looks so pretty. Love the necklace! x

  8. love the tiffany necklace x

  9. Very calming montage of soothing photos. I too adore hydrangeas!

  10. awww amy, i follow you on insagram and always know your photos will be totally gorgeous! that necklace is beautiful, he has very nice taste. and the cake your mum made you, so sweeeeet of her :) hope you are well honey and had a lovely birthday x

  11. These pictures are so gorgeous, my prettier than my Instagram photos lol. I love how they coralate with the feel of your blog. And your really pretty btw! xx

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  12. Your Mum is super talented! Cake and cushions! I do love a yummy cake. Happy birthday :)


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