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19 January 2013

Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Aussie's Miracle Shine hair care range is billed as a dose of sunshine in a bottle, leaving your locks gorgeously glossy and radiant. Pearl powder and Australian Ginseng extract act to revitalise dull hair to give shine and vibrancy. With the amount of dyeing, backcombing and heat my hair has to handle, I'm in need of something to boost the shine. I used this for the first time last night, and my first impression was that the whole range smells incredible - fruity and fresh. My hair left was feeling clean without being weighed down and I didn't notice any fly-aways. It's too soon to notice if this has improved my hair's shine, so I'll be continuing to use the Aussie Miracle Shine range for the next 4 weeks, then reporting back with the results and my thoughts!

Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo 300ml - £3.99
Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner 250ml - £3.99
Aussie Miracle Shine Deep Treatment 250ml - £4.99

Have you tried Aussie Miracle Shine? 

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  1. I've just bought the treatment as I tried a sample sachet of it and I loved it enough that I bought a full size bottle, It'll be great to hear your thoughts on these products :)
    Rosalie x

  2. My Favourite from Aussie is there miracle moist range, i can always see a difference when i use it x

  3. I love Aussie products!
    I use the line "Miracle moist" and is the one that really changes my hair.

    Good Post!

    Beauty Blogger/Youtuber

  4. I love the Aussie range think i may have to pick the 3 minute conditioner up as i love this in the normal range.

  5. I haven't actually used it but I know a few friends of mine swear by it. I have really thick hair so after lots of trials I am now using L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Everpure. I find it really cleans my hair, protects it from the hairdryer and straighter.

  6. I love Aussie - one of my favourite hair product!

  7. I love Aussie, I think they're all fantastic. I used to use take the heat now I use miracle moist, my hair feels amazing and the scent of Aussie products is so lovely, it fills the house after your shower. X

  8. I've never tried Aussie - I've heard some great things but my hairs pretty fussh and I'm reluctant to shell that much money out for something I might not use!

  9. I love Aussie Haircare, the 3 Minute Miracle is my fave.

    Sadie xx

    P.S. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  10. I love the smell and consistency of Aussie products but I remember being a little disappointed with the conditioner. Maybe I'll give the shampoo a whirl again as that was lovely to use :)

    M x

  11. I would love to try these!

  12. Okay so i used to use the ice shine pantene shampoo conditioner but when i went to walmart and target they didnt have it! They have the new one. The new one doesnt work for my hair it just sucks.


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