30 January 2013

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion

I thought I should dedicate a post to my current favourite beauty product...Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion. As I have incredibly fair skin, I'm always on the quest for the perfect fake tan. My natural complexion means that in order to achieve the colour most people are naturally, I need to fake tan, so I look for an ultra deep and dark fake tan which me allows me to achieve this with just one application.

I have tried a multitude of fake tans... St Tropez, Xen Tan, Vita Liberata and Garnier and to name a few - and none of them have left a lasting impression. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze had been a favourite, delivering the colour I coveted, but it had it's disadvantages - being full of shimmer, having a scent that stung my eyes and remaining sticky for a good while afterwards. Then last week I tried Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion and I think it may have just exceeded all others and taken the crown of favourite fake tan, with a price tag of just £5.35. 

Palmer's Natural Bronze is a light lotion formula which absorbs quickly and leaves my skin soft and silky thanks to the cocoa butter which moisturises skin. There's no colour guide, so I don't need to be ultra cautious about what clothes I put on afterwards, and I can still open the door to the postman without shocking him! The scent is pleasant, with my husband commenting on how good I smelled (I usually get the - 'you smell dirty/like a biscuit' when I apply fake tan!) and it isn't at all sticky or heavy on my skin.

I left this on overnight to work its magic and I was surprised the next morning when I washed off the tan and a lovely golden colour remained. Considering Palmer's Natural Bronze is marketed as a gradual tan, I was impressed to find it had given me such a gorgeous tint in just one application. To really put it to the test, I applied it again the following day and I was pleased to discover it had given me the natural sun-kissed tan I've always coveted, as if I'd just returned from holiday. This will be perfect for use in the summer when I need a boost of colour before I get my legs out! 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze definitely has my vote when it comes to ease of use and the natural colour achieved. Keep a look out in Boots for offers, I bought two of these bottles when they were recently half price.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze is priced at £5.35 and is available to buy from Boots and Superdrug

What is your favourite fake tan?


  1. I have exactly the same skin tone. I've used the xen tan gradual tan which left a nice colour but it has a slight biscuity smell. I think I will have to buy this one as it sounds so good. Great review x

  2. This sounds amazing, I'm going to have to try it! Much better price than Xen Tan, who wants to pay £40 for a fake tan?! xx

  3. This looks good, I always worry that theres more risk of it going a bit streaky when theres no guide though - this has happened to me before at uni with Johnsons Summer Body and I never get it with St Tropez with St Moritz. I like the moisturizing fake tans though and this is definately less hassle. Do you use your hands to apply it I assume? I'm hesitant but keen!! x


    1. Yep, I used my hands. I think as I've had so much practice with tans I'm ok without a colour guide, I'm very thorough and never miss a bit! x

    2. That's true, I probably underestimate myself. Will give it a go and blame you if I come out streaky! ;-) x

  4. I love Palmer's body butter already so I'll probably love this too as I'm really pale! My favourite fake tan is the Johnson's Holiday Skin one but I'd really like to try this one now :)

    Louisa's Notebook

  5. I've been using the Dove gradual tanner but this sounds lovely, I must try it next :)

  6. I also have really fair skin in the winter and this product is amazing
    So glad you've done a brilliant review on it - everyone needs to know how good/cheap it is!


  7. I absolutely love the scent of Palmer's products, their cocoa butter moisturiser is one of my staples! Will definitely check if this is still on offer, I really enjoy using their products :)

    Samya - Samya Says..


  8. I love Palmer's products and use their cocoa range quite abit so I will be really keen to try this next time I'm looking for a gradual tan range. I currently use Garnier's summerbody which is a gradual tan and comes in two shades light and deep, not sure if you have tried this? I usually pick it up in Wilkos so it's a super low price and gives a lovely natural looking hint of a tan.

  9. I will definitely remember this for Summer as I am also ridiculously pale so need a helping hand to look the same as everyone else too xx

  10. I used this last summer and your right it is great, fab smell and it works a treat!! x


  11. Wow, this sounds amazing! I was looking few times at this product, but never bought. I tried original Palmer's lotion and I really loved it! So I should give a go for this one:)

  12. Gorgeous blog!

    I've never tried any fake tan lotions before. I was thinking of trying it but I've always been afraid of streaks and unevenness, especially when applying to hard to reach places.

    I might go out and try to find this, although I'm not sure if they have it available in Canada -_-

  13. Palmers is the best! I like to use St. Tropez, they give an incredibly natural and deep tan that lasts.

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  14. I have got this after a friend recommended it. I still haven't got round to using it but I have heard its great. x

  15. such a lovely review!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  16. This has been my favourite Fake Tan for years. I always go back to it no matter what I try. It never 'flakes' off, never dries your skin out, and I always think I smell like a chocolate chip cookie when I'm wearing it. You can keep on re-applying it and it never builds up or goes orange and patchy.
    The colour it develops to far surpasses any other fake tans out there.
    Love it so much I buy it in bulk!

  17. Oh my! This is amazing. I would love to try this as well. Thanks for your post.


  18. Do you also apply this product on your face, or just on your body?


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