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13 January 2013

Shabby Chic Home Decor

I've had lots of requests to feature more of my shabby chic style and interiors posts so I thought I'd start by sharing some of my favourite home decor finds. The selection below are little bits and pieces I've found on eBay - a great resource for finding hundreds of decorative items at low prices. I also have a huge home decor haul to show you, although I'm contemplating filming it as it's easier than taking hundreds of photos! 

1. Wooden Drawers - This rustic set of drawers is perfect for placing on top of your chest of drawers and storing pieces of jewellery.

2. Rose Garland - I bought a number of these pretty paper garlands for our shabby chic wedding. Afterwards, I found various uses for them around our home. Nowadays, one garland adorns our dresser, one is wrapped around the headboard in the guest bedroom and the other has been placed inside a large glass vase - I love them!

3. Wooden Sign - Signs are perfect for hanging on the back of doors or filling up empty space on walls.

4. Owl Tea Light Holder - How cute is this hanging tea light in the shape of an owl?!

5. Rustic Wooden Tea Light Holder - This would look great flickering in a fireplace to add some cosy ambiance to your home.

6. Floral Teabag Tidy - I enjoy adding cute little trinkets to our shabby chic style kitchen. I love that even something as simple as a spoon rest can look so pretty! 

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Which is your favourite item?


  1. Your shabby chic style is so perfect! I love it, I cannot wait until Matt and I own a house of our own so I can go to town on the decorating.
    Charli @

  2. I love all of these home accessories! I think the shabby chic style is so cute :)
    Suzanne @ writtenbysuzanne

  3. I love that set of drawers, great post x

  4. These are such lovely items - will definitely have to have a good look through eBay! x

  5. Oooh Amy i LOVE your interior choices! You have such lovely images of your home, and theese items look like they would fit in perfectly!

    My husband James and i have just bought our first place and are currently transforming it from down right shabby to shabby chic and i always use your images as inspiration! The Rose garland will fit in perfectly for around our headboard!

    Hannah xx
    Bella and Roscoe

  6. Love your pics. I have been buying bits of e-bay for years now. It's great for shabby chic. I loved the tea pot because I can't resist florals. Have been looking at your furniture upgrades, they have really turned out well. I have just brought an old wooden t.v. stand. It is waiting for the shabby chic treatment. I just have to find the time and decide pink or white.

  7. So many gorgeous things! I would love to have all of it in my room. Btw I love your blog and I just followed you via Bloglovin :)xx

  8. I love the owl, I have a very similar door hanging in my room but I love tealights xxx

  9. I like the little owl and the drawers :)

  10. The design really look awesome. I loved all the design and thank you for posting such images with the post.

  11. I love the draws and sign, so cute xx

  12. Gorgeous bits and pieces! I particularly love the tea light holder. Unfortunately as much as I love shabby chic, my husband is not a fan so I have to limit all my more girls decor items to the bedroom only! Rapidly running out of room!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following by the way, so chuffed to have found your fabulous blog too!

    Maddie xx

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  14. I loved the tea pot because I can't resist florals. Have been looking at your furniture upgrades, they have really turned out well. air conditioning repair denver

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