13 June 2013

Sunshine & Picnics

After a long wait, sunshine finally arrived in the UK (although it's now disappeared just as swiftly!) and Matt and I have been enjoying every opportunity to bask in the rays. I've lost count of the amount of picnics we've enjoyed together over the last month or so. There's something so quintessentially English about unfolding a chequered blanket and opening a wicker basket to indulge in the delights of pink lemonade, sandwiches, pork pies, olives, potato salad and fresh strawberries for afterwards. The photos above are a collection from our visits to Rushcliffe Country Park, Sherwood Pines Forest, Clumber Park and most recently, we returned to Whatton Gardens, where our wedding reception was held. It's still one of my favourite places to go. So completely peaceful and serene. It was lovely to reminisce over our special day and stroll hand in hand around the beautiful gardens. The sunshine seems to bring a sense of joy and tranquility to the soul, if only it was around more.


  1. You look lovely! England is so gorgeous when its sunny, what a shame it couldn't last longer! xx


  2. That sixth photo is stunning, the little rainbow in the bottom left hand corner. xx

  3. What stunning photos, Amy! I used to live right by Whatton Gardens, in Loughborough! I loved visiting there and wandering through the gardens, there is something "secret garden" about them.
    Hope you manage to get some more picnics in, looking at the weather at the moment we'll have to keep our fingers crossed!

    Maddie xxx

  4. Wonderful photos! love it :)

  5. Ah you're so beautiful. Loving the photos.
    I've spent some time in Clumber Park also. It's so beautiful there. I especially love Diana's bridge. Hope the sun comes out again soon xx

    Lisa | www.thestarsapart.com

  6. You look radiant in these photos.

    I love the sunshine, I often think I must be solar powered as I just feel so different when the weather is warm!

    I love the dress you're wearing above. Where is it from?


    1. Thanks Franky! The dress is from Zara (the TRF section). x

  7. You look amazing! I really like these photos, they are so wonderful :)

    Valérie ♥ scribblesofvalerie.com

  8. Your hair is gorgeous, you look beautiful in these photos. It's definitely worth making the most of the nice weather, it disappears faster than you can say 'summer'! xx

  9. You two are gorgeous couple! It looks like you had wonderful day:)x

  10. Aww these are beautiful photos Amy, I love the picture of the purple flowers, it just screams out 'summer is on the way folks' :D

    You look really happy :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  11. You look so gorgeous! The weather's driving me nuts at the moment. I want it to be 'proper' summer!


  12. Looks so lovely, and how special that you got to visit your wedding reception location again xx

  13. Beautiful pictures of an equally beautiful place, and you look stunning! xx


  14. Beautiful pictures Amy and you look gorgeous - lovely dress xx

  15. You look so radiant and beautiful Amy! :)

    Imogen - A rendezvous with you

  16. Beautiful photos, I had a picnic in the countryside in the light rain today!!!



  17. Really Beautiful Pics!!! I love this!!!

  18. awwwww you look beautiful, that dress really suits you. And yes, picnics in the sunshine really are the best aren't they?! xxx

  19. I know! We have been on a picnic mission here in Cheltenham too, and another lovely day today too xx


  20. You look absolutely beautiful ! You deserve all that happiness :)

    Melanie ~ www.shabby-memories.blogspot.fr


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