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29 August 2013

Blooming Baby Showers

One of the fun parts in the last stages of pregnancy is the baby shower. Although mostly a celebration recognised in the USA, the trend seems to be filtering through to the UK and more women are enjoying a pre-baby party to catch up with friends and family before the new baby arrives.

Blooming Baby Showers have created a beautiful range of stationary and partyware for the ultimate baby shower. As the photos show below, the product line includes everything you need: invitations, games, napkins, paper plates, bunting, cupcake cases and balloons. The game pack includes a cute collection of six games, specially designed for a baby shower celebration. Pin the Dummy on the Bunny, Baby Bingo, Blooming Bump and my favourite - Bonnie Babies, which involves guests bringing along a baby photo of themselves - all are a great way to create some fun memories and get everyone involved.

The range includes a host of colours, with pink, aqua and midnight blue/deep purple shades, so if you're keeping the gender of the baby a surprise you don't have to miss out. I adore the designs featured in this collection. The little characters adorning the balloons, napkins and paper plates add a certain charm and the beautiful baby carriage featured on the invitations gives a sweet retro feel. Everything is perfectly coordinated to create a delightful range of partyware, I love how the look all came together. If you're planning a baby shower, this would be a good place to head to!

The collection is available to buy from Blooming Baby Showers, with prices starting from £2.99

Let me know if you had a baby shower, I'd love to see your celebrations!

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22 August 2013

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

- - 53 days to go until my due date! - -

I'm often woken up in the early morning with twists and turns, which is a lovely feeling. The dramatic kicks I used to feel are few and far between now due to the reduced space, and instead it's a day of tidal wave rolls and little feet poking about, giving my bump a peculiar shape. Our little one is a very hiccupy baby, at least twice a day I'll notice the rhythmic jolts which is very cute! I was worried the baby hadn't grown as I noticed my bump hadn't got much bigger, but to my relief our scan showed our baby has actually had a growth spurt, and is now measuring slightly above average and already estimated to weigh 4lbs 14ozs.

The past few weeks I've been suffering a lot of pelvic pain. Turning from one side to the other in bed brings on the worst pain, but it also happens when I get dressed, walk up stairs and get up from a sitting position. It sounds like SPD, so I'll be asking the midwife if there's anything which can help ease it. I'm also regularly waking up at unearthly hours for no reason, then lying awake for hours on end until I drift off to sleep again. Perhaps it's all good practice! My craving for anything sweet is as strong as before, but I'm trying not to go indulge too much as I don't want to suddenly gain a lot of weight and I know healthy snacks are best for the baby! Although the third trimester doesn't bring the most pleasant of symptoms, I'm happy to experience each and every one as I'm so thankful to be pregnant again and it means our bambino is growing.

We've now been to a few NCT classes, which have gone a lot better than we expected. We were very apprehensive beforehand about how me might respond when talking about labour and the memories it would bring back. My main concern was that I would start crying and have to leave the room, but we talked through our worries with our teacher beforehand and she let us know the outline of the classes so we knew what to expect and reassured us she wouldn't be talking about stillbirth or neonatal death. She also let the other couples know via email that our sons had died so they'd understand if we did get emotional. Luckily, no tears, the labour part of the class was over before we knew it and we're glad we did choose to opt to attend the NCT group.

Over the next few weeks I'll be writing my birth plan and packing my hospital bag. Strange to think I'll be giving birth again soon when it only feels like yesterday that William and Noah were born. Hopefully this time will be a positive experience and we'll leave with our baby in our arms.

My Pregnancy Diary

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19 August 2013

Seraphine Luxe Multiway Dress

Dresses have been my preference when it comes to maternity clothing, for their comfort and simplicity. One of my favourite dresses to wear during my pregnancy has been the Seraphine Luxe Multiway Dress, which can be styled in six different ways using the ties at the front of the dress. One shouldered, with sleeves, twisted Grecian style, halter neck - these are all options which are quick and easy to achieve. I adore the cornflower blue shade which is flattering for all skin tones and I love the way the dress falls in a flattering way, gliding over the hips in a waterfall effect. The fabric is a weighty, stretchy jersey with a soft sheen which makes it luxuriously silky to the touch and feels comfortable to wear. My favourite way to style it is with little cap sleeves, which is how I wore it for a family wedding recently, although in the hotter weather the strappy styles help keep me cool.

The great thing about this dress is that it can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy - the cut of the skirt gives plenty of room for a blossoming bump and even post pregnancy it can still be worn. If you're going to invest in a high quality maternity dress I recommend this one, after all it's really six dresses in one and it's perfect for special occassions!

The Seraphine Luxe Multiway Dress is priced at £99 (currently on sale for £75) and available to buy online at Seraphine

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14 August 2013

Daisy & Bump Nursery Art

When I started picturing how I wanted the baby's room to look, I began searching for nursery art to liven up the walls. A lot of what I found featured very bold and colourful graphic prints, whereas I wanted something softer and more whimsical. I then stumbled across the beautiful Daisy & Bump collection and instantly fell in love with the mix of pastel watercolour with 3D craft techniques to bring the characters to life. Each piece is hand-made by British illustrator Jessie Holmes, with much of the artwork offering the option of being personalised - with names, dates or colour choices. 

My favourite of the selection was the one pictured above - The Great Balloon Journey. Matt and I seem to be drawn to elephants for the nursery, so having little Bumperton Elephant featured in this one was perfect. I adore this as a feature in the nursery - the dinky bunting, the attention to detail and the way it has been meticulously crafted all make it a special piece of artwork.

There's a whole treasure chest of beautiful baby products available on Not On The Highstreet, so no doubt I'll soon be finding some more unique accessories to adorn the room with!

The Great Balloon Journey is priced at £75 and is available to buy from

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7 August 2013

30 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I'm now three quarters of the way through the pregnancy, I can't believe how close it's getting! Symptom wise, the exhaustion I experienced in the first trimester has returned full force, so I've re-welcomed a much needed daily nap into my routine. Braxton hicks have now become a regular occurrence, with a few painless contractions each day. Sleep has become more elusive, as this is when heartburn most often makes an appearance and it's a struggle to get comfortable. 

I've also found that now the baby is bigger and my stomach has been squished, I have almost no appetite, so mealtimes have become something of a chore rather than a pleasure. Although I always have room for a sweet treat, which is my current craving. Cornetto's, doughnuts, cupcakes, chocolate bars  - if it's sweet, I want to eat it! Which is the opposite to my first trimester when all I wanted was salty fries!

We've now painted the spare room to prepare for a nursery. After swatching six different pale greys, (who knew there were so many variations - some looked purple, others looked blue) we finally picked one - Clouded Pearl 3 by Dulux, which was recommended to me in my last pregnancy update. It's light and fresh, and will look lovely paired with pastel pops of colour.

The dress I'm wearing is the gorgeous Isabella Oliver Urban Ruched Dress, which I was recently sent to review. I love the vibrant cobalt blue colour. It's made from a luxurious jersey fabric which makes it ultra stretchy and comfortable to wear, as well as being accommodating for a growing bump. I'll be wearing this throughout Autumn too, paired with some tights and boots. Isabella Oliver have a beautiful choice of maternity tops and dresses, I have my eye on a few other pieces as I'm rapidly running out of clothing options and need some new things!

My Pregnancy Diary

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5 August 2013

Loves Lately

Once or twice a week I like to apply a luxurious body butter for some intense moisture. The latest addition to grace my ever increasing collection is Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star. The scent is divine - a delectable combination of pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla which gives off a bakewell tart fragrance. Whenever I use this I have compliments on the scent which is always a bonus! The thick, whipped butter applies effortlessly smoothly and absorbs quickly without leaving skin feeling sticky, just noticeably softer thanks to the nourishing ingredients of pistachio, almond and coconut oil paired with cocoa and shea butter.  My all time favourite body butter!

A body wash and butter in one, Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean is a creamy combination of sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa and shea butters to leave skin super soft after showering. I love a multi-use product, so this is ideal for delivering an extra dose of moisture to the skin during the lazy days when it's too much effort to apply a body cream after a shower! Fragranced with the same pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla scent of the Smoothie Star Body Buttercream, they're the perfect pairing if you want to be left smelling sweet. 

My first introduction into cleansing waters was with Rodial Dragon's Blood Cleansing Water, which made removing makeup a breeze, whilst being gentle but effective on the eye area. The only problem was that at £25, it was too expensive to continually repurchase. The much raved about Bioderma, on the other hand, was more affordable but not easily accessible, so the purse friendly L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution seemed like the perfect alternative. Since adding this to my skin care collection I haven't reached for any other makeup remover or cleanser - it's more effective at removing my makeup than anything I've ever used. Within seconds my skin is clear and clean and it works better at removing mascara than any specific eye makeup remover I've used in the past. A few moments spent holding a soaked cotton pad over the eye area and everything is swept off with ease. It's gentle on the skin, has no scent and it doesn't even sting the eyes if you accidentally get some in there. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and refreshed. I can't fault this product, I'm a huge fan!