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A lifestyle journal, following my journey into motherhood and documenting family life. Rooted in exploring all the facets of emotions that are intrinsically linked to being human and the impact it has on our souls. Amy Antoinette is a place of inspiration, uplift and joy. But also truth. I share the hard times as well as the happy ones, because that is the true nature of life. At the soul of these pieces of life recorded, I strive to bring a sense of community to my readers in sharing both my triumphs and adversities.

My hope is to always capture just a glimpse of it all. This magical adventure of life, when the children are little and life passes by in a blur of beautiful moments. It is a time capsule of love for each of my children, my husband, and our life together. It is here that memories are eternalized.

A snapshot of our journey.

Our story.

Free spirited, hippie-at-heart, baby wearing mama. Survivor of baby loss. Thriver of this wild and precious life. I believe what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful, and I want my heart and passion to be the most beautiful thing about me. I have a creative soul. I have a passion for writing and all that it can convey - the magical moments as well as the melancholy - it is such a beautiful medium. I find joy in storytelling through creative narrative. I have a growing love for photography, which pairs so gracefully with prose to create something quite exquisite, and I love that I get to record and share our family memories through both words and photography. My life's experiences have enlightened me and shown me what is truly valuable, and my hope is to live a long and joyful life surrounded by the people I love deeply and fiercely - my husband and children. They are my everything.

We met at Loughborough University, me as a fresher and Matt studying for his Masters degree. Our eyes met across the room, and little did I know, I was looking into the eyes of my husband and the father of my children. And now here we are, 9 years later, having experienced many moments of joy and laughter, the birth of four children and the death of two, and a move across the world. He is my best friend and I love that we're taking our journey through life - with all its up and downs - together.

William & Noah
William and Noah are our first borns - our fraternal twin sons who died after they were born very prematurely in November 2012, after I suffered with PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membranes). Their brief but beautiful lives changed the course of ours, and we are on this journey because of them. They were my introduction to the raw, beautiful love a mother has for her children, and for that, I am forever thankful.

Henry James
Henry is our rainbow baby who was born in October 2013. He has brought so much light and hope into our world which had become so dark. He has a beautiful soul - he is funny and charming, and incredibly loving and affectionate. He has an endearing habit of sucking his thumb and stroking his (and our) nose with Minna's ear - his beloved grey bunny that goes everywhere with him. He has big blue eyes and the most beautiful set of blonde curls, an infectious smile and a happy heart.

Everly Rose
Our newest addition, the baby of the family and our first little girl. She was born in November 2015 after a very fast labour and she instantly fit right into our family. She has the sweetest dimple on her right cheek and the fluffiest hair. She is the happiest little darling and is very generous with her smiles and giggles. We can't wait to discover who she becomes.


  1. I have just stumbled upon your blog & I love it.

    It has made me smile, laugh & cry. You are an amazingly strong woman. I am so happy to have found your blog.

    Harriet x

    1. What an absolutely lovely comment. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Amy x

  2. As I love your blog so much I have just nominated you for the Sunshine Award! See the details here - :) x

  3. Just found this page and love it. Will be reading regularly.

  4. Really love the layout of your blog, and your photos! I'll definitely be following you :D!

  5. Incredibly random, but I just stumbled across your blog while looking at different designs and saw your badge for the Sisterhood of Loss and Support. It's amazing how much more aware you become of others who have experienced a loss. My son Finley died in March 2012, and I've been floundering through life ever since.

    Just thought I'd say hello. And I love your blog layout and photos :)

    Lisa x

  6. L.O.V.E Your blog! Your style is wonderful and classy!

  7. I read your blog and also this post i like your cute baby. I am very sad to read about lost of your twins baby :(

    Miley |

  8. Loved reading your blog :)

    Oliver @


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