13 January 2011

RapidLash - The Results!

Back in September, I was given the opportunity to try RapidLash, the latest lash serum to cause a buzz in the beauty world. With the promise of longer, thicker lashes, I was intrigued to discover whether the new wonder product would really live up to its claims.

RapidLash strengthens lashes against breakages and improves the appearance of lash length by delivering a blend of essential proteins that help restore lashes to optimum condition. Lashes look longer, stronger and fuller in as few as 8 weeks.

The applicator brush resembles liquid eyeliner and is just as simple to use. The instructions advise applying RapidLash one a day in the evening before bedtime, using the applicator brush to apply a thin line of RapidLash to the base of the upper lashes.

As I already have fairly long eyelashes, I wondered if I'd see a difference at all. I had my doubts until I reached around week 10. The key to this product is perseverance and I finally saw the reward to my painstaking applications each night.

I began to notice that my lashes were longer, particularly the outer lashes which were a lot longer and more curly. Since this revelation with RapidLash, I haven't needed to reach for my eyelash curlers once, a momentous outcome for someone who was prone to straight lashes which neither curlers or mascara could cure. I also noticed a difference in the length of my inner baby lashes which are usually rather short even with mascara. My fiancé noticed my longer, more fluttery lashes too. Even without mascara the were long and lustrous.



I don't know how well the photo's show the difference but in real life it's definitely noticeable and I'm very proud of my new long, curly lashes! I was delighted to find this product works and would highly recommend it to those who need a boost to their lash length. 

RapidLash retails for around £39.99 and is available from Boots, where more RapidLash reviews can be found.


  1. wow your lashes were amazing anyway! looks great x

  2. oooh lovely - I'm trialling this at the moment too - and have been naughtily applying to my eyebrows to fill in the sparse sections :)


  3. @girlinthecity - Good idea, I suffer from a sparse eyebrow (just the one!) so I might try that too!

  4. they look great Amy!! :) How's the wedding planning going?!

  5. @Kerrymarie -Thank you :) Wedding planning is going well, I'm actually just drafting up a rather long post that gives an update on everything wedding!

  6. I think it's a hit and miss. Lollipop27 tried it and it made her lashes fall out.

  7. Your lashes definitely look longer and thicker. Great to see that this product worked for you. x

  8. £39.99 is a bit steep but it definitely made your lashes look great! xxx

  9. Your lashes look great but i am really scared to use this product because i saw lollipop26's eyelashes started to fall out after using this :s

  10. I love rapidlash I reviewed it last month if you want to have a look


    I just love rapidlash well everything except the price tag!

  11. results are fab - i have rapidlash sitting waiting to be used but I'm currently using revitalash which has been pretty good too xx

  12. wow, what a result! your eyelashes are really long and do look a lot thicker. hmm. might have to get this ;)

  13. Stunning, stunning! Love your eyes, and your eyelashes now almost touch your eyebrows!

  14. your eyes are amazing!


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  16. Great review, I love the before and after photos, your eyes look beautiful, I am concerned about the side effects discussed here http://shoppinghaul.net/rapid-lash-reviews/

    I dont want my eyelashes falling out. Have you had any similar problems?

  17. I used to work at Boots and we sold these, was always curious as to whether they worked! Thanks for doing this review Amy :o)

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  18. Might have to give this a go! I hate my eyelashes, they're so short. So maybe this would help :)
    I'm now following, hope you can do the same?



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