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29 September 2011

New Angel EDT by Thierry Mugler

I've been looking for a new perfume now that we're heading towards Autumn/Winter. My preferences steer toward light, sweet feminine scents for the best part of the year but in the cooler months I like to have something a little more warm and musky. I was recently sent the new Angel fragrance by Thierry Mugler and I have to say it fits the bill perfectly.

Originally there was Angel, the first ever Oriental Gourmand (a fragrance based on edible notes to you and I), a new and unique perfume with a delicate blend of exotic fruits and a base of chocolate carmel toffee and patchouli. The new Angel is inspired by all the glamour, sensuality and sophistication that is Angel, yet it's softer, smoother and more subtle.
This Oriental Gourmand fragrance is structured in three waves:

Heavenly Wave - Bergamot encounters pink peppercorn in a subtly spicy burst
Delicious Wave - The gourmand aspect is more delicate; discreet praline and pink fruits
Voluptuous Wave - New to the creation are the soft tones of cedar and luxurious white musk

It's everything I wanted from an A/W fragrance - still feminine, not too heavy and enough musk to add some depth and warmth. It's light enough to wear in the day time but it can also be layered for intensity for an evening out. This fragrance will definitely make me stray from my old favourite for Autumn, Balenciaga Paris.

Angel Eau de Toilette 40ml - RRP £46
Angel Eau de Toilette 80ml - RRP £65

Who else is a fan of Thierry Mugler fragrances?
Which is your favourite perfume for A/W?


  1. Angel Sunessence is one of my all time favourites! :) xx

  2. I am a huge fan of Thierry Mugler Angel! Ever since I was young I have LOVED the scent ... it is so different from anything else out there! I bought the perfume for my wedding day perfume, so it will always hold a special place in my heart =)
    Can't wait to see your wedding day photos!

  3. I go both ways with Angel... Sometimes I think it smells fantastic, but the rest of the time I'm sorely unimpressed. I wish I loved it, because the bottle would be so fun to have on my table.

  4. I love Angel and there bottles are always so pretty xx

  5. AHh, I'd like to try it sometime..

  6. I love this perfume, please check out my blog post on it!

  7. I like shape of the bottle, looks like it has a great scent! A nice perfume to collect. Thanks for sharing! :)


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